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Wyre's Cross By Masters & Griffiths
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“Soap opera is a dangerous drug. Now, with an understanding and apparent love of that addiction, comes a subversively feminist soap opera for the theatre. In the limits of four deliriously... More > plotted and jocular episodes, Peta Masters and Geraldine Griffiths replenish the stock of village characters with a raucous band of feminist entertainers, the Norfolk Broads, who bring about a revolution among the women of Wyre’s Cross ... It is an absolute joy to watch the carefully honed clichés of soap opera transformed into deadpan comedy before they give way to the radical clichés of women’s liberation; it is genuinely liberating to see the unconscious minds of Wyre’s Cross aroused by the rhetoric of sisterhood.” The Times, 1982. Published here for the first time.< Less
Crossing the Mirage By BS Murthy
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If passing through youth was like crossing the mirage of life for Chandra and Nithya, it proved to be chasing the mirage of love for Sathya and Prema though for plain Vasavi, Chandra's pitiable... More > sibling, it was the end of the road. As life brings Chandra, who suffers from an inferiority complex for his perceived ugliness, and Nithya, who was bogged down being jilted by Vasu, together, they script their fate of fulfillment. And as poetic justice would have it, Sathya, who caused Prema's heart burn, himself was led down the garden path by Kala, doing a Sathya on Sathya. Just not that, life has in store just deserts for Vasu owing to Nithya's retribution as he tries to stalk her. Besides, after many a fictional twist and turn, the way the story ends, challenges the perception that fact is stranger than fiction.< Less
Crossing Paths By Jessica Copely
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It's your typical Girl meets Boy. Except Girl is already engaged to someone else. It was all impossible from the start. And yet, Ashley keeps finding herself drawn to Ethan. Life keeps them on a... More > collision course, forcing them to confront their feelings, their choices and their regrets over the span of years. Is it their fate to be together, or will bad timing and bad choices drive them apart for good? Ashley has never quite known which path to take. She feels the pressure of the one everyone else wanted for her and the one that is risky and unknown, beckoning her with unrealised dreams. But she is stuck — stalled at every crossroad. How can she choose the right path, when life seems to throw her a curve with every step? In the space between choice and chance, fighting and giving in, Ashley must learn to find her own way, guided by the dreams — and the people — written on her heart.< Less
Crossing the River By Corin O'Brien
Paperback: $14.99
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ABOUT THE PAPERBACK -- special advance release, not yet available from bookstores: This is a story about complicated life encounters, and finding the strength to survive them. Mingling all things... More > Philadelphian with a literary heightening of the senses, it invites you to take part in the story yourself. If you have ever had a song move you, or experienced hurt, anger or love, this book is a journey you must take. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Corin O’Brien is a professional people-watcher. Her favorite place to observe is any large airport, but she could easily be lurking at your local shopping mall. With a keen eye she absorbs memorable snapshots of life, wherever music plays and people of interest roam. She writes about us from her home in Western Colorado. For a limited time only, this pre-publication edition is available exclusively at this Web location at a special introductory price. Broad availability from mainstream publishing industry channels is expected soon.< Less
Cross & Crescent By John Zuyderduyn
Paperback: $10.68
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A frank discussion between a Christian and a Muslim, about Islam and Christianity, covering a wide range of subjects. Amazing insights!
Cross & Crescent By John Zuyderduyn
eBook (PDF): $6.34
A frank discussion between a Christian and a Muslim, about Islam and Christianity, covering a wide range of subjects. Amazing insights!
Cross Out By Mark Connolly
eBook (ePub): $1.29
Detective Marsh Mysteries #2 Chicago Detectives Marsh and Grewecski race the clock to stop the increasing number of married women being murdered. Making it worse, the summer is filling up the beaches... More > while someone is trying to thin out the crowd with bullets. Terrific story ! Edgy, nervous, scary! DLF Review< Less
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The Language of the Cross By Graham Jackman
Paperback: $6.05
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The Bible teaches, and Christians believe, that 'Christ died for our sins'. The question is, though, what does the word 'for' mean? How is it that his death affects the relationship of other men and... More > women to God? Graham Jackman looks at four of the traditional ways of understanding the death of Christ and then presents his own view of the Cross as God's ultimate way of addressing us and as our response to Him.< Less
Crossed at Arms By Carolyn O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $8.99
When Yank Caer married English Vicar Ter Crossed she never expected to get involved in intrigue and murders including their housekeepers in the quaint village of Hayden-Croy in York. Just a few... More > months pregnant Caer and Ter have been redoing the rectory with Caer's lottery winning family money to which some people find intolerable. When Mrs. Montrose, a leading citizen and worst critic of hers is found dead in the church after missing their weekly Women's meeting Caer knows something is foul. Their good friend John Hughes comes to help investigate as well when Mr. Montrose is also murdered in his hospice bed and Caer's Irish cousin to paint a nursery mural. But when their housekeeper and her husband are also violently killed they all work together to find the connection between them. Although Caer does her best not to interfere she does help weed the killer out.< Less

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