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Mad Men By Anne Nygaard
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For generations, the American people repeatedly witnessed debate on not only female gender roles, but also the problem of the oppression of women who have and still to this day characterizes the... More > America business environment. In the wake of the launch of Matthew Weiner's critically acclaimed television series Mad Men , the gender-oriented debate , again started to circulate among all American scientists , writers and feminists. Due to the TV series focus turned on particular characters like Peggy Olson, Joan Holloway and Betty Draper that all shows inequality between the male and female gender. An inequality which based on recent research in modern gender roles apparently not only is the case of the 1960 America. According to the female elite of the American business community there is still indication that America's gender inequality is here to stay. This book is a new idea for the U.S. government to serve women needs to combine a family life with an ambitious career.< Less
On the Brink of Nuclear War: Cuban Missile Crisis - Soviet Union, Cuba and the United States By Scott S. F. Meaker
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Note: This is a short history. During the 1950s, the big fear was nuclear war. From the Soviet Union’s perspective, having a communist stronghold so close to the American border was a dream... More > come true. By the early 1960s, there was a strong undercurrent of tension between the Americans and the Soviets. Aside from the disastrous loss of life and dignity at the Bay of Pigs, something else happened. The line was firmly drawn in the sand. The world was on the brink of nuclear war. Scott’s Other Books: ***Unforgettable World War II: Aftermath of the Extraordinary Second World War. ***Unforgettable Vietnam War: The American War in Vietnam - War in the Jungle. ***Hitler's War and the Horrific Account of the Holocaust ***The Forgotten Heroes: Untold Stories of the Extraordinary World War II - Courage, Survival, Resistance and Rescue. ***The Forgotten Women Heroes: Second World War Untold Stories - The Women Heroes in the Extraordinary World War Two. *** This is a military history book***< Less
A History of The Male Nurse By Kevin Hargreaves
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Nursing until the 1960s and 1970s was seen as a female profession; it is only in recent years that men, in any number, have entered this perceived female bastion. It is generally thought, or assumed,... More > that it has always been women who have been the only nurses through the centuries. However, with even the most cursory glance at the literature available, or even on the Internet, it is soon realised that this is not the case. It is impossible to talk about, or discuss, trained nurses per se when there was no actual recognised training available in any shape or form. Again, it is a general assumption that historically the only trained nurses were female. This certainly was not the case but nursing was seen, up to quite recently, as a job for women mainly because of the social and cultural norms.< Less
Rags to Riches By Brian Adamson
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Brian Kiwi Adamson deservedly claims title to be one of the 20th Century’s most successful gamblers, nightclub impresarios and bon vivant. In a star-emblazoned career he is the hardest act in... More > the world to follow. From humble beginnings Adamson’s dexterity at the gambling tables attracted the patronage of Caesar’s Palace and Desert Springs in Las Vegas. As a knight of the baccarat table he was befriended by the movie stars and sports personalities of the 1960’s to the 1980s. Adamson was befriended by movie legends like Joan Collins, Bo Derek and Burt Reynolds. The Southampton club impresario kept the company of Mike Tyson, Jackie Stewart and Mohammed Ali. As a casino and fashionable nightspot entrepreneur he was the equal to Peter Stringfellow. As a Lothario he has bedded over 2,000 women and among those seduced was the women courted by Sean Connery. There are millions of books available but just the one title that tells the Brian Kiwi Adamson story. This is it.< Less
DIXIE Book One: Open Roads By Sybil Watters
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Back when they first called him “Wild Bill,” Billy Pierce was an original redneck, in the truest and least demeaning sense of the word, scalding his skin under the sweltering Georgia sun... More > to put food on the table for his growing family. That is, until he met ol’ Dixie and all hell broke loose. “Dixie” details the deeply haunting and troubled life of a young man in the Deep South in the 1960s-70s, constantly at war with his own demons and promoted by a sinister man in the ways of running shine, driving fast cars, cavorting with loose women and inadvertently gaining sole insight into a secret, southern-style organized crime network, historically known as the “Dixie Mafia” . Always trying to do the right thing by the love of his life; a beautiful, religious and spirited local, he finds himself torn by his angry nature and constantly tormented by his own failures and irresponsible actions.< Less
Take the Silk Road Home By Barry Terenna
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Two very different brothers, grow up in a close Italian-American family in a small town in Westchester County, New York. The responsible younger brother aids his reckless brother through the trials... More > of his life. The book traces the journey of each brother through the 1960’s to the present day, relating their careers, loves, and relationship with one another and the women in their lives. The story begins hundreds of years earlier with a glimpse of ancestors past, revealing very famous ties and ultimately leads to the curious events in the lives of both brothers. The simple life in the old country contributes to the paths both brothers take. There is a strong connection to Asia where one brother faces the horrors of the war in Vietnam and the other travels to China for adventure and inspiration. Cultures and national heritage enrich the human interactions and connections between friends, families and lovers and show that different backgrounds are less important to relationships than human emotions.< Less
Sophia Loren: The Movie Guide By chris wade
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Chris Wade explores the filmography of movie legend Sophia Loren, one of the most iconic film stars of the 20th Century. The book charts her cinematic journey through the decades, from her beginnings... More > in Italian cinema during the early fifties, through her first Hollywood pictures, the classics she made with Vittorio De Sica, up to her more recent, often overlooked work. The films explored in this book include The Pride and the Passion (1957), Houseboat (1958), Two Women (1960), Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963), Marriage Italian Style (1964), The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964), Arabesque (1966), A Countess from Hong Kong (1967), Sunflower (1970) and A Special Day (1977).< Less
Crossing Cultures: in English et en français By Lynne Breakstone & Nicole Jouane
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Fifty years ago, in the early 1960’s, two women set off in opposite directions to cross the Atlantic to spend a year living in a foreign country – France and the United States – and... More > mastering a foreign language – French and English. Crossing Cultures in English et en français tells their story in both languages. Lynne Breakstone was one of the first American Junior-Year-Abroad participants while Nicole Jouane served for a year as a teaching assistant and resident native speaker in a college’s French House. Although their experiences differed greatly, they both shared in the delight as well as the difficulties of having to decipher behaviors and customs that were at times confusing, strange, and mysterious. Anyone who has spent time in a foreign country having to communicate in a foreign language will find pleasure in these two memoirs of such an experience in the pre-Internet era.< Less
What Can Peace Movements Do? By Christine Schweitzer & Jørgen Johansen
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This book studies examples of peace movements of the last 110 years, from the conflict between Norway and Sweden in 1905 to the debate on military intervention in Syria in 2013. It looks at the... More > impact these movements have had on the prevention or the ending of wars. It looks at the impact these movements may have had on the prevention or the ending of wars their own governments were engaging in. - Norway-Sweden 1905 - the movement against the Vietnam war in the 1960s and early 1970s - the movement against the support of the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s - the peace movement of the 1980s against nuclear weapons - the case of the Women in White in Liberia in 2002-2003 - the movement against the Iraq war in 1991 - the movement against the Iraq war in 2003< Less
Wakefield It's Times & It's Peoples By Charlie Walker
eBook (PDF): $7.04
Throughout, the volume charts day to day life from the 1930s to the 1960s, and details what family and social life was all about, when men were men, and the women knew it. If you've ever wondered... More > what it was really like to live in an old back to back terrace house with rising damp on every wall, and only the bare necessities of life, with bed-bugs and cockroaches for company, all is revealed. The author looks at some of the old industries, at the working conditions in the brick works, textile mills, and the coal mines. Attention is also paid to the great pioneers of the time. The founders of Asda, The Double Two and many other well-known companies that were in existence at the time. Whether you were born, live or work in Wakefield. this book will give you an idea of how the city became what it is today, and perhaps it is also a window on where it is going in the future!.< Less

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