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Remembering Mount Vernon - The Place We Called Home By A. B. Davis 1960 Graduates
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Come back to Mount Vernon, NY of the 1940s and 50s and hear what it was like growing up and going to school in "The City of Homes" located 30 minutes north of Manhattan. Written by men and... More > women 50 years after they graduated from A.B. Davis High School in 1960.< Less
My Life. My Family. The 1920s to the 1960s. By Norah Moody
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Norah came from an educated background, lost her Mum early, gained a Step Mother whom she didn't much like & married “beneath her”. In the war she defied her father to join the... More > Women’s Army & marry Arthur, an older man who spent too much money at the pub. Once married, she moved every 12 months due to Arthur's jobs with an expanding family & their dogs. Homes without running water, a bathroom or electricity, serving the privileged gentry of her husband's employers. They ran their own pub with three young children, the birth of another & a miscarriage, leaving the business with big stories & bigger debts. Always scrimping but putting others before herself, she eventually settled down to enjoy her family & hobbies. She began write her “memoirs”. Decade by decade. A regular, happy person, a friend, a wife & a great Mum. It gives a fascinating, honest, cheerful & nostalgic insight to the times living in Britain - for her family, friends and those who might find themselves wishing they had known Norah.< Less
The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Prey By Deborrah Cooper
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Black churches were once the cornerstone of the Black community and looked at as a source of guidance and strength. Indeed, the war for freedom waged in the 1960s battle for civil rights was born... More > within the walls of Black churches. But that was then, and this is now. The pews of African American churches are filled with women, many of them lonely single mothers. These women come to church to be spiritually uplifted, but that is not what happens. Instead, twisted Scripture is used by unscrupulous men to manipulate and control them. Church is where black women are being preyed upon sexually, emotionally and financially. Are most pastors in black churches nothing but pimps smiling from the pulpit instead of from a Cadillac? Find out more at< Less
Onöndowa'ga:' Wënö:gweh (Seneca Women) By Nëhdöwes Randy A. John
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The Hodinöhsö:ni' are a matriarchal society, women are a powerful entity. Membership is matrilineal, traditionally, the clan mother position holds a tremendous amount of responsibility to... More > society. This book is a collection of Seneca women’s names with a brief description for each entry. There are 253 names ranging from the 1600's to the 21st century. All the female Clerks of the Seneca Nation of Indians are listed. For the Senecas, the 1848 political revolution creating an elective system of political government; reduced the power of women for over a century. In the late 1960s, women regained political power and began to vote and run for office in the Seneca Nation of Indians. Since 1968, a woman has won the executive position of Clerk every elections since.< Less
The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 15. Women's Sexuality 1 (Girls Want Love & Fun) By Tony Kelbrat
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There are 'easy' women who have sex for a sense of identity, to get attention from men, to feel less lonely and material perks. There are 'sexual' women who have examined their lives, realized they... More > are sexual and horny by nature so they live to maximize their sexual pleasure either with sex toys, erotica and stuff and/ or with lovers in the real world. Most women anywhere in the media, including our so-called celebrities, will not admit to being highly-charged sexual beings. I saw a video with porn star Nina Hartley say she loved sex and the desire was always there. This is just like a man. I saw a porn video from the 1980s with Marilyn Chambers, now deceased. She had that love of sex about her in her mannerisms. Long before mainstream porn, the old-time movie stars had to exude natural sexuality in order to interest male viewers. There is a lot of subtle sexiness in the old movies made before 1960. A lot of girls won't even admit they masturbate.< Less
The Initiated By Micki Voisard
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It’s 1968, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury is an ideal home for twenty-one-year-old, anti-war activist and newlywed, Maggie Finn... and “headquarters” for the Flower children,... More > protesters and topless girls. Free love is everywhere. Then, on a bitter early morning, Maggie’s three-day honeymoon dramatically sinks into a violent swamp. She fights her way out of the abusive control by her husband, Michael. Her world of smoking pot and attending free concerts in Golden Gate Park abruptly ends. Fortunately, Maggie has secured a position, on a dare, as a flight attendant transporting American troops to and from the Vietnam war. After her training, she steps onto her first flight, escorting 250 soldiers into the war zone. She soon recognizes how the men she takes over to Vietnam contrast from the ones she brings home, writing to her mother, “As with so many of the guys I escort from Vietnam, their eyes have changed from when I take them in-country.”< Less
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Behind My Chair By Mary DeNune
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The 1960s was an era of change in a lot of areas - and small town America was not immune to the challenges and changes that the women's movement brought to communities and homes - and, in this case,... More > the hair salon. From behind her chair, Mary watched, encouraged, and loved her ladies through an important era.< Less
Goodbye Bolinas We'll See You Again By Rainer Neumann
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It's a summer in the sixties near a small coast side town in California. A man who has taken on the name of Shiva is driving north on Highway 1 when he picks up two young women hitchhikers in his VW... More > van. They stop and hike to an overlook of the Pacific Ocean where they are enveloped in fog and one of the women disappears. In an incredulous daze they travel on until they reach Bolinas. The town already has an influx of bohemians and bikers and has a colorful past. After a concert in the local community center Shiva reluctantly takes on the mantel of the next enlightened master. The word spreads and Bolinas becomes a turbulent, fantastic and ecstatic place. Unfortunately Shiva cannot escape his past and in a number of hallucinations he struggles with his inner doubts and the world's problems. Eventually a man comes into Bolinas looking for his lost wife. The situation that arises requires Shiva, as well as his followers, to confront themselves and behold unforeseen consequences.< Less
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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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