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Women Education By Dr. Ujjwala Sadawarte
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Women education in India has also been a major preoccupation of both the government and civil society as educated women can assume a vital part in the advancement of the nation. Instruction is point... More > of reference of women strengthening since it empowers them to reacts to the difficulties, to stand up to their conventional part and change their life. With the goal that we can't disregard the significance of training in reference to women strengthening India is ready to getting to be superpower, a created nation by 2020. The development of women' instruction in rustic regions is moderate.< Less
An Education! By Bridgitte Lesley
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David didn’t really know what he was getting himself into. The children in the neighborhood needed a school and he had offered to have it built on his property. He ran with the project but... More > had to arrange for someone to run the school. It took a lot of negotiating when he did find the right person. That was the easy bit! Amanda took a while to make her decision to run the school. It took quite a bit of persuasion. She had a fantastic job in the city but with everything that she had been through she thought it was time that she gave everything up and started again. Her focus was to educate the children but at the same time it would be a brand new start. Everything was perfect! Amanda took over and schooling began. Her whole life changed. The children adored her. The parents respected her. She blended in as if she belonged. She realized that David was jealous of the school. Things turned ugly and nasty and after a heated argument with him she left. Her life would change again!< Less
Education and Empowerment of Women in India By Dr. Vidyadhar S. Naganahalli
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Status of women refers to the role of the women in the society. Women in India have always been topics of concern. The family and society at large consider women as second class citizens. Though... More > there is growing respect, worship and devotion on female goddesses such as Durga, Saraswati, Parvati and Kali, there is no respect for women. There are some kingdoms in ancient India, which had customs such as `nagarvadhu` i.e. the bride of the city.< Less
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There has been a long history of addressing women’s rights and much progress has been made in securing it across the world in recent decades. However, important gaps remain and women’s... More > realities are constantly changing, with new manifestations of discrimination against them which emerges regularly. Some groups of women face additional forms of discrimination based on their age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, health status, marital status, education, disability and socio-economic status, among other grounds.< Less
American Women: Education and Rights By Homework Help Classof1
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Education: The Key to a Brighter Future By Bay Path Women Writers Project
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The student writers of this book have come to college to educate their minds. But the complex social issues that they grapple with in these pages are equally matters of the heart. Sexual violence,... More > teen pregnancy, integrating compassion into our schools, dealing with student debt, healing our returning soldiers from the wounds of war, illegal immigration, and protecting and caring for our most vulnerable older citizens—These are all issues that offer challenges as emotional as they are intellectual. The nine writers here face these topics head on. They present us with facts and findings as well as meaningful strategies to navigate more successfully through complex problems. As they do so, they offer excellent writing models to other students looking to improve their skills, They provide examples of both MLA and APA research writing styles as they demonstrate best practices in critical thinking and persuasive writing.  < Less
Scheduled Caste Women and Higher Education: A Sociological Study By Indira Priyadarshini N. Badiger
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The status of women belonging to Scheduled Castes are perhaps best revealed by studying the social, economic, educational, health and political conditions of these women. They are... More > the have not’s of Indian society. They deserve all attention and support from State, Community and Society. Earlier they were neglected by upper castes and their own fellows. For a long period, the social justice was based on class, religion, creed and caste. The high rate of infant mortality, child mortality and maternal deaths among Scheduled Caste Women was serious problem. Scheduled Caste Women are discriminated due to a patriarchic dominated social structure on the one hand and humiliation within them due to caste ridden social system on the other. Therefore, a proper and transparent justice was never possible.< Less
Continuing Education Programme: A Strategy For Women Development By Dr. G. Vidya Sagar Reddy
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Society engages itself in many activities. Education is one of the manifold activities of the society. As such the aims and methods of education depend on the nature of society in which it is... More > organized. For instance, in a predominantly agricultural society, agricultural education will enjoy a privileged status. In an industrialised or industrializing society, technological education will be given importance. In a democratic society, education will be organized for all sections of the society whereas in an oligarchical society, education is a privilege of the few. Further, all activities of a society require an education which may be either formal or non-formal or informal in nature. The type of education given depends upon the nature of information, knowledge, skills, attitudes, appreciations and values to be developed as well as the capabilities of the social institutions in that society.< Less
Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and the Higher Education of Women By Amina Benman
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Sylvia Plath and her 1963 novel The Bell Jar can help readers understand how experiences at a post-World War II women's college directly led to feelings of regret and depression in the women who... More > attended them. The novel illustrates the challenges that Plath and other women faced in college and in their post-graduation lives in a 1950s society dominated by patriarchal demands and designs. This book will examine these themes and, most importantly, how freedom is not necessarily fulfilling if it is only offered but not supported by society.< Less
Helping Hands: Women Helping and Educating Each Other By Bay Path Students
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Though scarce in visible positions of power, women leaders are plentiful in today's society! Often we hear about society's issues, and their plausible cause and effects, through the voice of... More > powerful men who have not faced the struggles women are faced with daily. The enclosed articles are written by challenged, but undefeated women who have made the commitment to further their education at The American Women's College division of Bay Path University, as their first attempt to close the many gaps between themselves and their male counterparts. Becoming educated, and its importance in the lives of women, is made evident in the empowering approach The American Women's College  uses to ensure their students are globally informed. Utilizing the literacy skills provided by their instructors, students currently enrolled in The American Women's College English 124 course have authored powerful articles, that address and provide solutions to many troubling issues facing both adults and youth in the world of today.< Less