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The Manager's Guide to Workplace Safety By R. Scott Stricoff, Donald R. Groover
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No manager wants to see employees get hurt, but few are fully prepared to play meaningful roles in safety. The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety is designed to provide managers with the... More > relevant knowhow and proactive approaches to understand and take on safety management. With over 70 years of combined safety-training experience, authors R. Scott Stricoff and Donald R. Groover have worked with executives, managers, and supervisors from across the world to make significant advances in keeping people safe, engaged, and motivated in the workplace. Going beyond the generalities of typical safety resources, this book provides practical guidance on what an individual with management responsibility should do to support and drive safety excellence.< Less
Workplace Safety Made Easy By CR3 CONCEPTS LLC
Hardcover: $150.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
With OSHA, EPA, and Health standards all over the place and thousands of pages of information, what do you need to be compliant? This book will teach you how to implement a ESH Management System for... More > your organization. All employees must perform business in a manner to insure all work is conducted in a healthy environment. Our objectives are to maintain the highest levels of awareness regarding ESH and to take immediate and effective actions to safeguard all by reducing risk, remove hazards, and improve the workplace. We have in place a viable system of plans, process, and procedures to comply with federal, state and local ESH regulations and standards. This makes up the company Environmental, Safety, and Health Management System (ESHMS). We design an Environment, Safety, and Heath Management System (ESHMS) to meet your needs. The intent of the system is to empower any employee to know the laws and requirements for a safe work environment while able to assess, mitigate, and thrive with a healthy lifestyle.< Less
Workplace Safety Manual - Bomra LLC By Dean Isaacson
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This is the safety manual for Bomra LLC and Idaho Contractor. It may be used by others but not certified by Bomra LLC or other agents of Bomra LLC and/or Cougar Gulch Group LLC
2009 First Aid & CPR for the Workplace and Home By Action Safety Education, Inc.
Paperback: $9.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
2009 Guidelines for First Aid, CPR and using an AED for the lay-rescuer. Covers the basics steps to take while waiting for emergency services to arrive during a medical emergency.
Sample Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Manual By Bradley J Jacobson
Paperback: $39.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A comprehensive sample Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Manual.
Workplace Safety Manual v1.5 By Dean Isaacson
Paperback: List Price: $39.99 $35.99 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A safety manual and accident prevention program are the foundation of a safety program but they do not complete it. A complete safety program includes the policies herein in addition to training... More > classes, safety committees and meetings, medical examinations, organized employment and injury reports, safety bulletin boards, management communications, environmental policies, proper maintenance of equipment, observation of processes and procedures for on-site and remote sites operations, safety inspections and such other practices. The most important component, however, is for the employer and employee to share an attitude of safety.< Less
VR01 Conform to General Workplace Safety By Brian Myers
eBook (PDF): $8.77
Safety on a construction site is paramount. In the painting and decorating industry there are particular health and safety issues relating to using products and also working at height. Ensuring that... More > a site is as safe as possible is a shared responsibility between employers and their workforce. Employers must create safe working conditions and provide their workers with adequate training, where safety rules, regulations and guidelines are explained and made available to employees. Employees for their part must understand what is expected of them and develop the skills to identify and reduce potential hazards in the workplace. This involves watching, listening carefully and responding to safety instructions, as well as reading and acting upon written and graphical safety information. The implications for not complying with safety rules and guidelines can result in injury and even death.< Less
Health Safety Training - Health And Safety Course To Prevent Accidents In The Workplace By Timothy Jackson
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Increasing health and safety in the workplace is not difficult. It also does not require a large amount of time. In Health Safety Training, you would learn:- *Why Health Safety Is Extremely... More > Important *The Essential Rules For Health Safety *Dealing With The Issue Of Compliance In The Workplace *Conflict Resolution In The Workplace *The Appropriate Dress Code *Reasonable Expectations Of The Workplace *Planning For Emergencies *Using Security Guards For Your Workplace This book would be the exact guide you need towards starting out fast in your workplace's health safety. This book would be the perfect starting place for your workplace safety.< Less
"HEADS UP" a new approach to a safety-first mindset in your workplace By Gregory P. Sipes, Ph.D., Sc.D.
Paperback: $25.00
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This book explains how safety culture is at the crux of a great business. Not only is there substantial money to be saved by having a safer workplace but the operational variable in an effective... More > safety culture is the same underlying operational variable in a more productive and profitable workforce. Safety culture is not only "doing the right thing" by looking out for your employees but also "doing things right" for a better, more successful business.< Less
Designing and Configuring the Workplace By Farrukh Khan
Paperback: $41.80
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The design and configuration of a workplace refers to the process of making a physical work space equipped and ready for the work that is required to be undertaken. Because the work will be performed... More > by human workers using machines, the workplace should be configured for the comfort and safety of humans. Human limitations and the capabilities of the human body should be kept in mind when selecting equipment that will be used for work and when installing or placing the equipment. Hence, the workplace as well as the work equipment should be ergonomically designed and the designer should consider human factors when making any decisions related to the configuration of the work place. This report discusses relevant themes related to the design and configuration of the workplace for optimal human performance.< Less

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