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The Plan By Cyleste Farnsworth
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This is a post-apocalyptic book about Annabelle, the descendant of Earnest T. Williams (creator of The Plan), as such she's always had everything she could ever want. She lives in the Citadel where... More > everything is clean and pure, despite the disease of the outside world ever since The Destruction. Now, just as she prepares to see all her dreams come true, she learns that The Plan may not be the great promise she was led to believe. She's forced to make the most difficult kind of decision - between everything she's ever known, and nothing at all.< Less
World Conference Study Booklet By International Planning Committee
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The Study Booklet for the Sixth World Conference of Friends, beiong held in 2012 in Kenya.
Lesson Plan: News of the World By
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The News of the World lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you'll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Activities, 180 Multiple Choice Questions, 60... More > Short Essay Questions, 20 Essay Questions, Quizzes/Homework Assignments, Tests, and more. The lessons and activities will help students gain an intimate understanding of the text; while the tests and quizzes will help you evaluate how well the students have grasped the material.< Less
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Critical Planning Volume 21 By Critical Planning
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Critical Planning is the student-run journal of UCLA's Department of Urban Planning. The journal attracts submissions from scholars, graduate students, and practitioners from across disciplinary... More > boundaries and from around the world. Through the publication of a variety of formats, including photo essays, fictional narratives, visual art, op-eds, as well as original academic research, we hope to depart from the traditional hierarchy of academic journals, and collapse the hapless divide between the University and the public.< Less
Critical Planning Volume 20 By Critical Planning
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The Critical Planning Journal began in 1993 as a forum for the urban studies and planning communities to debate current issues, showcase emerging research, and propose new ideas concerning cities and... More > regions. The journal attracts submissions from scholars, graduate students, and practitioners from across disciplinary boundaries and from around the world. Through our double-blind peer-review process, Critical Planning identifies and publishes insightful scholarly research with a critical approach. As one of the cores of intellectual life in the Urban Planning Department, the journal provides a convivial space for rigorous debate. Our public programs—including lectures, exhibitions, film screenings, and symposia—extend this work to audiences in Los Angeles and beyond. Critical Planning reaches an international subscriber base of urban planning scholars, students, practitioners, libraries, bookstores, and enthusiasts.< Less
The Plan: Running The Machine That Runs The World By Robert Bailey
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'We are all leaving money on the table.' So begins The Plan: Running The Machine That Runs the World (publication July 1, 2016). The book is a novella about a wealthy family and a notebook of the... More > actual system used in the story. It is an instructional and thought-provoking book in the class of Eliyahu M. Goldratt's 1984 influential bestseller, "The Goal." Anyone seeking stability, predictability in their personal investments and critical life decisions will want to absorb the wisdom and ideas in this fascinating book.< Less
Our Business Plan to Change the World By Jeffrey Wilkes
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What if people all over the globe started working together {for free} as part of a new kind of social network to produce a new kind of media so everyone could have a way to make money? The result,... More > according to Our Business Plan to Change the World, would be a better world for billions of people in financial need. This book presents a workable plan to spark a global movement with the help of college students, music artists, and poets in the U.S. and around the world. The author aims for Our Business Plan to Change the World to: 1. Be translated into every spoken and signed language; 2. Be made vizual or understandable {with the help of graphics} to people everywhere; and 3. Become the basis for a media movement designed to economically empower billions of people.< Less
PPNNE Zine Anthology By Planned Parenthood Supporters
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The Planned Parenthood of NOrthern New England (PPNNE) Zine Anthology is a collection of zines, comics, personal stories, poems, and art, all centered around sex and sexuality, in collaboration with... More > Hannah Neurotica. Sexuality means many things to many people. Everyone has different experiences and different beliefs surrounding it—all of which are completely valid truths. We want this ‘zine project to flush out those truths. By creating an anthology of real stories from real people, we hope to show the world just how fluid sexuality is and, hopefully, open some minds in the process.< Less
The Plan of God By giulio credazzi
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Zaderk goes out for lunch with his clients and then, after finishing his work, finds himself alone in his car thinking about his friend and former colleague Simon who now lives in the... More > States…. Everything mentioned in this book is somehow linked by the prophecies of the Bible. Prophecies represent 30% of the Bible itself and are the means God uses to predict our future. The number of prophecies regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ is eight times more than that regarding the first coming of Jesus. This novel compares the prophecies that are still to become true with the world’s current situation, i.e. world religion, satellites, world finance, single currency, globalisation, world police, population control, EU, ethnic wars, Israel and the middle east. All these things are necessary for the making of the world government at the “end of time”, as mentioned in the Bible.< Less