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My World Travel Journal By Carolyne Cole
Paperback: $19.95
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The ultimate travel companion for kids travelling internationally. A travel journal for roadschoolers, worldschoolers and kids taking extended holidays. Packed with an exciting variety of pages to... More > record your adventures and stimulate travel inspired learning. Designed for ages 7+. A4 spiral-bound journal with 132 pages to record at least 10 weeks of travel in up to 9 destinations. EXPLORE -About me -Packing list -Map of the US -Visiting a new country JOURNAL -70 journalling pages to record at least 10 weeks of travel -Keepsakes and mementos TRAVEL -Journey plan and diary -Research and observations -Memorable moments LEARN -Man-made landmarks -My Itinerary -Celebrating a local holiday -Similarities and differences -Key words and phrases -Wildlife tracker -My new friends< Less
Ten Days That Shook The World By John Reed
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An impassioned firsthand account of the Russian Revolution An American journalist and revolutionary writer, John Reed became a close friend of Lenin and was an eyewitness to the 1917 revolution in... More > Russia. Ten Days That Shook the World is Reeds extraordinary record of that event. 'It flashed upon me suddenly: they were going to shoot me!' This electrifying eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution, written by an American journalist in St Petersburg as the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917, is an unsurpassed record of history in the making. John Reed (1887-1920) American journalist and poet-adventurer whose colorful life as a revolutionary writer ended in Russia but made him the hero of a generation of radical intellectuals. Reed became a close friend of V.I. Lenin and was an eyewitness to the 1917 October revolution. He recorded this historical event in his best-known book TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD (1920). Reed is buried with other Bolshevik heroes beside the Kremlin wall.< Less
Around the World in Ten Days By Chelsea Curtis Fraser
eBook (PDF): $6.99
In 1920 the idea of going around the world in ten days was as preposterous as that projected by Jules Verne in 1873 when he wrote "Around the World in Eighty Days". But time has a way of... More > hurling ridicule back as effectively as a boomerang. For we have seen and marvelled at the shattering not only of the mythical eighty-day record but even the ten-day record. And so it will be gratifying and, no doubt, amazing to many to read this book and realize the advancement made in aviation since this story was written by Mr. Fraser, and how many of the ideas he prophesied for airplane advancement that have materialized in less than a score of years. So, it is our opinion, young readers, that in addition to enjoying an exciting story, you will benefit by carefully reading the technical passages, and in doing so, learn to observe your present-day surroundings with a greater perspective< Less
The Dawn of World Redemption By Erich Sauer
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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The Bible, as the record of salvation, is one complete whole, an organism throbbing with life, and a system of prophecy wrought out in history according to plan. It is "a marvelous structure, of... More > which the ground plan was prepared in advance,” a harmonious, graduated whole, with perfect proportion and accord in all its parts, and having Christ as its goal. And the theme of the kingdom of God, with the rhythm of its progressively developing epochs and periods, is the leading basic melody of this whole majestic divine symphony. Thus can we interpret the Scripture as a record of God's plan of salvation. It is to be read ... according to the dispensations, economies, gradations, and groupings. Here the human spirit stands on the very highest possible prophetic watch-tower. Worlds and ages come within its expanded field of vision. Here it looks beyond the narrow circle of its own personality, beyond the frontiers of nationality and civilization, yea, beyond all the bounds of the present and of time itself.< Less
Jules of the World: The California Caper By Liz Chaban
Paperback: $18.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Join Jules as he introduces young readers to a few of California’s treasures. Combining lively illustrations and captivating photographs, Jules of the World: The California Caper is a story... More > that encourages children to be curious, record their experiences, share their stories and continue to explore all of the world’s wonders with their family and friends. You can help your child embrace their creativity by providing tools that enable them to photograph, draw, document and express their interests and favorite finds in their day to day travels and adventures.< Less
The World Set Free By H. G. Wells
Paperback: $10.95
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“ ‘It has begun,’ he writes in the diary in which these things are recorded. ‘It is not for me to reach out to consequences I cannot foresee. I am a part, not a whole; I am a... More > little instrument in the armoury of Change. If I were to burn all these papers, before a score of years had passed, some other man would be doing this. . . ’ ” H.G. Wells classic “The World Set Free”, written in 1913 and originally published in 1914, predicting the atomic bomb. A true literary gem.< Less
The Wonders of the Invisible World By Cotton Mather D.D.
Paperback: $19.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
A thorough piece of work dealing with the wonders and philosophies of the spirit world. This work include the thinking behind witch cults and the full treatments of the trials that condemned them to... More > death. This work is a great benchmark of the work that was done during the early years when witchcraft was seen more as a menace than a cultural group. This book tries to set the record straight when it comes to witches and any occult group in general.< Less
Vampires A World History By E. R. Vernor
Hardcover: $49.99
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Vampires are beings of myth: folkloric creatures who live off the blood of the living and have been recorded in nearly every culture around the world since the beginning of man. This work traces the... More > evolution of the vampire, from its roots in ancient mythology to obscure folk tales and legends, leading up to when these foul beings transformed into the suave Byronic heroes that continue to influence the world’s view of the vampire today. It also examines key individuals in history involved in reshaping our concept of the creature. Popular culture is explored, along with the development of the vampire into the protagonist in plays and poems and novels.< Less
Crispin at the Edge of the World By Teacher Timesavers
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Crispin at the Edge of the World: a novel study for grades 6-8....Crispin and Bear leave Wexly, but are pursued by followers of the brotherhood who have declared Bear a traitor. A sequel to... More > Crispin:The Cross of Lead Each novel study contain an average of 65 pages and includes: Suggestions for teaching the unit...A vocabulary list...Comprehension questions...Activity cards for grammar...Creative writing...Word study...Research and integrated activities...Tracking and record sheets...Answer key. Please visit our website for more information and sample pages.< Less
Manufacturing the Cloth of the World By Roger Holden
Paperback: $26.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
This well illustrated book is the first comprehensive study of the weaving sector of the Lancashire cotton industry to be published. The focus is on the development of weaving mills against the... More > background of the economic development and organisation of the industry. Hand loom weaving was carried out in domestic premises or small workshops. Early power looms were installed in multi-storey mills combined with spinning, the characteristic form of single storey shed with north-light roof used solely for weaving developing later. The construction, power systems and layout of these mills are considered in detail. The book is based on original research looking at both the mills themselves and documentary sources, including plans and company records.< Less

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