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Worries By Dada Bhagwan
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In today’s world, worry, stress and anxiety seem to have become part of daily life. Yet, who doesn’t wish to stop worrying, or wonder how to cure anxiety? Who doesn’t ask themselves... More > what is peace of mind, and how can I live in peace? Some proclaim, “Do not worry!”, or “Stop worrying and start living”; others offer natural cures for anxiety, or teach how to get rid of negative thoughts. But the internal struggle continues… In the book “Worries”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers unique spiritual insight into how to cope with anxiety, and how to live a spiritual life of no worries. He provides spiritual awareness of “Who am I?” and who is the doer in life, from which one can attain an internal state of no worry, and begin to live in peace. For those facing problems in everyday life, and wondering how to get inner peace, this book will prove an invaluable resource.< Less
WORRY By Dr. Terry L Puett
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First of all, let me state that God has never been worried not even once. In all of the billions of years of His existence God has never worried. In fact, it is impossible for God to worry. If you... More > have ever examined the essence of God, you will see that everything in His character adds up to the fact that it is absolutely impossible for God to be worried or in a state of anxiety and I am going to add one, to be concerned. Now, don’t try to get around it concern is worry, although there is a sense in which concern is not worry. We are concerned about our country because of the dangers it faces at the present hour, but this concern can easily become worry.< Less
Worry By Zvi Zaks
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For Benjamin Cohen, life was one worry after another. Medication, therapy, even cults gave him no relief. Then he met a strange Hasidic mystic...
The Worried! By Qasim Mohammed
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"The Worried"
NO WORRIES By Stella Frances
Paperback: $25.00
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Do You Worry About What Others Think of You? As much as I’d like to say that we don’t care about what others think about us, we do. Whether it’s the feeling of embarrassment, or... More > the fear of being laughed at, caring too much holds us back from what we want. It’s important to recognize when we worry too much about what others think of us, not just for our mental health, but also for our physical health. The good news is that if you find yourself in this position, there are things you can do to change the power worry has over you. In this book, you will find the steps you can take to regain power over your life and improve your happiness factor. • Why Do We Care So Much? • Super Quiz: Do You Care Too Much? • Why You Need to Stop Caring About What Other People Think • 2 Steps You Can Take to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Stop worrying about what other people think. You only have one life, make it your own! Self-Empowering Workbook included.< Less
No Worries By Alley Cat
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Have you ever wondered what cats and dogs must be thinking? Just pretend for a moment that they are people too. What do you think they would say? About us, themselves, and the world around them if... More > they could talk and we could understand. This book is fun for kids and adults too. To read and laugh. To kick back and just feel carefree. Be a kid again. So read, laugh, even cry if you must. It will be hard to put this book down of cute doggy and kitty sayings.< Less
Worries By Elysia Womersley
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My most recent work comprises of several series of mixed media journal pages and comics. These works document a personal crisis and my subsequent attempt at recuperation through therapy and... More > journalling. I examine my relationship with my artwork, and how my improvement artistically and as a person affects my mental state. Insecurities about personal relationships as well as feelings of being insufficient both artistically and physically are frequent themes in these works.< Less
The Worry Feeling By Alexa Lee Rachele Bracco
Paperback: $18.29
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A short semi-autobiographical children's book about a girl named Grace who experiences the feeling of anxiety. This is a great book for parents to share with there youngsters who experience anxiety... More > or for kids who have a diagnosed anxiety disorder.< Less
Worry to Grace By Tess Williams
Paperback: $4.70
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In the dictionary, worry means: to torture oneself with thoughts. Grace, on the other hand, is the greek word "charis" in the New Testament, which means: that which affords joy, pleasure,... More > delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness: grace of speech. Worry to Grace explores just how opposite these two things are, and how we can accept grace to heal worry. Stop worrying with Jesus's grace! "And of His fulness have all we received, and grace for grace." -John 1:16< Less
Worry Warts By Dustin Travis Jenkins
Paperback: $13.07
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I'd be pretty worried about not buying this book, if I were you. The dimensions are 8.5"x11".

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