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Tanks Are Mighty Fine Things By Wesley W. Stout
eBook (PDF): $5.00
An account of Chrysler's contribution to the war effort, specifically their manufacture of thousands of tanks (M3, M4, M26 Mediums) and other tracked armored vehicles. It tells the story of the men... More > and women who designed and built the vehicles and the men at the front who used them to win the war. Originally published in 1946. 142 pages, 67 B&W photos, 24 color photos, 18 color illustrations (including M4 medium tank cutaway).< Less
Tank-Fighter Team By Lt. Robert M. Gerard
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The French mechanized units fought valiantly and oftentimes successfully against overwhelming odds, as they attempted to stave off the German sweep across the Lowlands and northern France. Such a... More > unit was the Groupe Franc of which Lt. Gerard was second in command. In numerous engagements his Groupe repulsed and held back the advancing Germans while the body of the French Army retreated from one position to another, never making the final stand which France and the whole world (including the enemy) awaited. Lieutenant Gerard tells the story of the actions in which his Groupe participated, of how it maneuvered and how it fought. The dogged, indomitable, persistently intelligent leadership of the captain commanding the Groupe stands forth as a splendid example of initiative and endurance for all leaders of fighting men. Originally published in 1943 by the The Infantry Journal. 152 pages, 7 maps, 3 illus.< Less
Tank Encyclopedia Magazine Issue #2 July 2019 By Tank Encyclopedia
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The second issue of the Tank Encyclopedia magazine covers the fascinating history of armored fighting vehicles from their beginnings before the First World War up to this day! This issue covers... More > vehicles such as the awe-inspiring rocket-firing German Sturmtiger, the Soviet SMK Heavy Tank, the construction of a replica Italian Fiat 2000 heavy tank and many more. It also contains a modeling section and a feature article from our friends at Plane Encyclopedia cover the Arado Ar 233 amphibious transport plane! All the articles are well researched by our excellent team of writers and are accompanied by beautiful illustrations and period photos. If you love tanks, this is the magazine for you! IMPORTANT: For the persons who have already bought the magazine at the previous price of $8.99, please contact us with the date when you bought it and the country you are from and you will receive a free copy of Issues #1 and #3 (when it will be published).< Less
History Military Weapons T29 Heavy Tank By Cicero Rodrigues
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The T29 tank was a milestone at the end of World War II. Learn more about the T29. richly illustrated.
History Military Weapons T29 Heavy Tank By Cicero Rodrigues
eBook (ePub): $1.25
The T29 tank was a milestone at the end of World War II. Learn more about the T29. richly illustrated.
A Survey of Tank Warfare In Europe from 6 June to 12 August 1944 By H.G. Gee
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Merriam Press World War 2 History No. 23. First eBook Edition, 2015. This is a new edition of British Army Operational Research Group (AORG) Memorandum No. C6 originally issued in 1952. This study... More > was undertaken in order to examine the supposition that weight of numbers was the deciding factor in tank battles after 1942. Coverage begins with the historical aspect of the armored fighting in Normandy, followed by an analysis of tank actions, and applies the results to possible future war with the Soviets. CONTENTS: (1) The Historical Aspect of the Fighting in Normandy (2) Analysis of Tank Actions (3) Application of Results to Possible Future War (Appendix 1) Sources of Information (Appendix 2) Summary of Actions and General Analysis (Appendix 3) Estimated Strengths of German Formations 19 July 1944 (Appendix 4) Enemy Dispositions 16 July 1944. 3 cover photos, 4 maps, 9 tables.< Less
The Used Tank Guide of World War I and World War II By Narayan Sengupta
Hardcover: $72.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
440+ photos and 90+ tanks, self-propelled guns and tank destroyers in the most color packed book on World War I and World War II tanks ever...
A15 Cruiser Mk.VI Crusader Tank A Technical History By P.M. Knight
Paperback: $29.06
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There can be few tanks that have proved as controversial in their deployment as the Crusader, a tank that was invested with high hopes on its entry into service in 1941. This book investigates in... More > unprecedented detail the issues that impinged on its service life. Drawing extensively on original archive sources, a new perspective is drawn on both the employment of the tank itself, and on British tank development of the era. The complex story that unfolds encompasses many interwoven and sometimes contradictory threads, allowing the author to reach both perceptive and surprising conclusions.< Less
A13 Cruiser Mk.V Covenanter Tank A Technical History By P.M. Knight
Paperback: $33.77
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Covenanter was intended to be the main equipment of the Armoured Divisions during the early years of the Second World War, and was a generally reliable tank that was well suited to its primary... More > task of home defence. Due to a rather convoluted series of events, mainly involving material shortages, it would not see service overseas, and as Britain’s strategic circumstances evolved it would increasingly be used as a training tank. If the Covenanter’s active service was relatively uneventful, its development life was the very opposite, with two drastically different variants of the original machine being created, and constant refinement being undertaken while it was in the hands of its users. The Covenanter was reflective of the many blind spots in the British Army’s pre-war thinking as regards Armoured Fighting Vehicles, and from its travails much practical experience was gained that benefited subsequent tank designs.< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 35: M1 Combat Car and M2 Light Tank By Merriam Press
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The M1 Combat Car was a light tank used by the U.S. Cavalry in the late 1930s. After the Spanish Civil War, most armies, including the U.S. Army, realized... More > that they needed "gun" armed tanks and not vehicles armed merely with machine guns, and so the M1 became obsolete. The M1 was the immediate predecessor of the M2 Light Tank. The Light Tank M2 was an American pre-World War II light tank that saw combat with the U.S. Marine Corps' 1st Tank Battalion on Guadalcanal in 1942. M2A4s served in Burma and India with the British 7th Hussars and 2nd Royal Tank Regiment. The M2A4 was the immediate predecessor of the M3 Stuart series of light tanks. 230 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less

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