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Equisbí - Desarrollo de aplicaciones con comunicación remota basadas en módulos ZigBee y 802.15.4 By Sergio R. Caprile
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El primer libro sobre ZigBee en castellano, guía para desarrolladores de sistemas dedicados que requieran comunicar sus aplicaciones mediante esta tecnología, utilizando... More > tecnología modular< Less
{e}bot-lutions // symb(i)ot By Kevin Sullivan et al.
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This five-week workshop explored the ideas of material computation and agency. The first objective of the workshop was to identify and analyze the constraints and potentials of the chosen material,... More > fabric – elasticity, hardening potential (form resistance), – and those of the agents (robots) – performance, self-awareness (sensors), scale potential, range of motion. In order to merge the information of both parties, creating a feedback loop between the robots and the material was necessary. By attaching various sensors – proximity (ping), location (xbee) – and a webcam to the SERBs, surface features could be detected and responded to, thus allowing the material to be affected on a local level in real time. Using Processing, these specific responses could be coded into the robots, i.e. a decision-making protocol was created (agency). Imparting the robots with agency thus allowed the system to adapt to the material at a local level and work towards desired spatial outcomes.< Less