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The Yantra By Ram Rishi
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1945: In the final days of Second World War, an unmarked Japanese submarine escaped from Singapore, carrying the fuel of the mythical Vimanas, the UFO's of ancient India. Arriving at a secluded... More > Andaman island, three INA soldiers waited for the elusive order for a regroup and a final stand... The present day: Rajiv Chinchar, an analyst, barely escaped an assassination attempt when he reported the appearance of a strange flying object in the Himalayas. Held hostage by the richest business tycoon in the country, he agrees to find the artifact that destroyed the tycoon’s ancestors in the thirteenth century... a Vimana. As Rajiv starts connecting the dots, clues emerge linking a Stone-Age African tribe in the Andamans, a lost bronze head, the lost city of Shambala, ancient UFO's and a massive Naval Invasion of Indonesia by an Indian Emperor more than a thousand years ago. How does the tycoon relate to all of them?< Less
The Book of Yantras By SWAMI RAM CHARRAN
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Yantra means instruments. Yantras are held in very high esteem in Hinduism and are used to ward off negative effects of planets, souls, etc. Yantra is a medium through which the force of energy acts... More > on an individual. Everyone of us is the center of something. That something is our universe. We can be the center of attention in a party or anywhere we are; we can consider ourselves as the center as everything surrounds each one of us. Depending of where you are your surroundings affects your well being in different ways. This is what a mathematical square or yantra does to your life. In this book Swami Ram Charran provides the effect of these squares on your life and desires.< Less
Gayatri mantra & Yantra By eric naze
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Le Yantra est un support pour la prière issu de la tradition hindoue, ils sont réputés d’apporter de aide dans le monde ou on vie; certains yogis parlent même de la... More > représentation de la Vérité, c'est-à-dire ce qui est vu une fois l'éveil atteint. Leur association avec un mantra apporte la clef à la source d’énergie universelle. Le but du méditant est alors de percevoir l'énergie associée au concept représenté. Le GAYATRI MANTRA est un hymne de 24 syllabes, tiré du Rig Veda. Le terme sanskrit « GAYATRI » est formé par deux mots : « ganat » (ou « ganayat »), qui signifie « ce qui est chanté » et « trayate », qui signifie « ce qui délivre ». En d'autres mots, le GAYATRI MANTRA est un chant de délivrance. Les sages de l’inde on adapter le gayatri a tous les autres divinités.< Less
A Glimpse Behind the Veil By Courtney Kolb
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The personal yantra divination system, as presented here, is a rare and wonderful system and there are few in the west who have even heard of it. It is clearly based on ancient principles and... More > practices, but has been “updated,” to make it’s relevance to our modern day-to-day life more clear. This powerful method divination contains and explains the energies in your own life over the next full solar circumambulation. That is, one year from when you first receive it.< Less
The 5 Noble Truths By Paul Turner
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HAVE YOU EVER FELT HOPELESS? HAVE YOU EVER FELT POWERLESS? HAVE YOU EVER FELT BELITTLED? Feelings of mediocrity or failure are all symptoms of false ego — a false identification with your... More > outer shell. The 5 Noble Truths are here to set you free from the illusory shackles created by a mischievous mind. The 5 Noble Truths holds the secret to happiness, peace and prosperity. Food Yogi and mystic, Paul Rodney Turner presents the essence of your divine nature in succinct prose and provides the tools and techniques you need to reach your full potential. INCLUDES unique affirmation yantras to aid in your meditation, all of which have been mathematically mapped to the most powerful magic square of the Sun!< Less
Yoga of The Holy Bible By Martin Myrick
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This book discusses the idea that concepts of yoga are found throughout the Judaeo-Christian scriptures. In addition, it looks at the science of vibrations as the foundation for all religious... More > traditions, and an ancient knowledge of artificial insemination as a technique for bringing about the births of messiahs and avatars.< Less
Sudden Verse By Randall Unruh
Paperback: $9.97
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Sudden Verse is a book of Poems regarding the experience of Sudden Enlightenment. 'Exquisite' - Jimmy Hanlon - Divine Yantra/Mandala Artist.
I Come From One By Sai Kripa Sequoia Mliki Niwaskw
Paperback: $33.00
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A spiritual primer for infants & children of all ages! This one of a kind picture book features specialized artwork to promote baby's neural development & growth. Based on exciting new... More > research, images appear in both black & red for full integration by the developing brain & nervous system. The affirming messages in this easy to read children's book will be treasured for years to come.< Less
Emerald Light By Randall Unruh
Paperback: $9.97
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Volume II of Sudden Verse: Sudden Verse is a book of Poems regarding the experience of Sudden Enlightenment. "Exquisite" - Jimmy Hanlon - Divine Yantra/Mandala Artist
A Guide to Remove Black Magic By Dr S.P. Bhagat
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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This book contains the available and most used remedies with very good results achieved by various scholars. My purpose of writing this book is to distribute the knowledge I have for the welfare of... More > human beings. I wish my lord help the needy through his messengers as always. This book is just for information purpose try not to use any of the remedy yourself without consultation with professional results may be strange or worst. This book contains some facts that may not be suitable for weak hearted persons thus discretion is recommended.< Less