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Yeast Infection Treatment By Reena Lyons
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The most common symptom of a yeast infection is extreme itchiness in and around the vagina. Other signs and symptoms include burning, redness, and swelling of the vagina and the vulva, pain when... More > urinating, pain during sex, soreness. You may only have a few of these symptoms that may be mild or severe. Three out of four women will have a yeast infection at some point of their life.< Less
How To Cure Yeast Infection At Home By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $6.88
Introducing ..... How To Cure Yeast Infection At Home ........ Learn How To Diagnose, Cure, And Keep Yeast Infection Off Forever! - Chapter 1: WHAT IS A YEAST INFECTION? - Chapter 2: CAUSES... More > OF YEAST INFECTIONS. - Chapter 3: RED FLAGS THAT SHOW YOU MAY HAVE YEAST INFECTION. - Chapter 4: IS IT REALLY A YEAST INFECTION? - Chapter 5: TWO WAYS TO DIAGNOSE YEAST INFECTION AT HOME. - Chapter 6: 11 HOME REMEDIES TO GET RID OF YEAST INFECTION. - Chapter 7: YEAST AND YOUR DIET – CONTROLLING YEAST INFECTION. - Chapter 8: HOW TO PREVENT A RECURRENCE.< Less
Yeast Infection Cure: The Complete Guide to Cure Yeast Infection By M Davies
eBook (ePub): $8.84
Yeast infection is very common; out of four women, three will get a vaginal yeast infection in their lifetimes. This condition comes about when a woman has too much of the fungus Candida growing in... More > her vagina. While this fungus is always around, it can get out of control. Signs that a woman is suffering from a yeast infection include pain when urinating, burning or swelling of the vagina and the surrounding area, and redness in the area. She may also have a white discharge from her vagina; this discharge will not have an offensive odour. You can drastically reduce your risk for a vaginal yeast infection by simply keeping your body clean and dry. Yeast thrives in warm, moist environments, so you will want to change out of wet bathing suits and sweaty exercise clothes as soon as you are done with the activity. Wear cotton panties whenever you can, and avoid tightly-fitting underwear. If you are taking birth control pills, this may increase your risk of getting a yeast infection.< Less
Everything You’ll Need to Know Vol.61 Yeast Infection By RC Ellis
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The reason you are reading this right now is because:  You have a yeast infection  You know somebody who has yeast infection  You have symptoms you suspect might be as a... More > result of yeast overgrowth  You want to prevent a recurring yeast infection  You simply want to learn to prevent yeast infection Whichever reason yours might be, we are all aiming towards the same goal< Less
Candida Infections No More By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Been suffering from Candida Albicans or Yeast Infection? It's too embarrassing for you to seek a doctor or family members? Don't worry. Candida is a common disease that will happen to many woman.... More > Some do not even realize they are affected. If it's controlling your life, you have to seek a solution. An easy way is to get your information from an ebook. This ebook consists tons of information and case studies of Candida, or yeast infections. You can download it into your smart phone and read it wherever you go, and it's private. Get it now!< Less
The “People Power” Health Superbook: Book 20. Women's Health Guide (Gynecology, Yeast Infection, Menstruation, Menopause, Breast Cancer, Vagina Health) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.30
There are many illnesses and medical conditions specific to women particularly in the genital and birthing area. The most common ones are: Blood in your urine Breast lumps or discharges... More > Menstrual cramps Missed periods Pain in your lower abdomen Symptoms of an STD Vaginal pain, swelling There is a large alternative medicine movement focussed entirely on women. A major book in this area is Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christine Northrup basically talking about the body and mind as one, you are your own wisdom and your own healer. The deal is that once someone starts talking about astrology and chakras in an alternative medical book, they've lost me. I know they couldn't be that smart or wise if they believe in stuff like this. It's really funny. Somebody is making sense for a few hundred pages then they get into this wacky stuff. They kinda lose their credibility to me.< Less
Candida By Lydia Perkins
Paperback: $8.95
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Candida - Candida Diet - How To Beat Candida Using Natural Nutrition Program And Restore Your Health! (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Let’s face it, most people have a white coating on their tongue.... More > Whether they like think about it or not, whether they want to admit it or not, and whether they even notice is entirely personal, but the fact of the matter is that most people do have this issue. And not only that, but there are a lot of people who have yeast infections, various skin and nail infections, and a number of other symptoms they would like to get rid of for good. But, the only way to get rid of the symptoms is to get rid of the problem. And to get rid of the problem, you have to dig down to the root. The heart of the issue. The base problem that is causing all the rest. And those are the things you are going to find in this book. Discover a plethora of ways you can clear up and control these breakouts with your diet alone… no medication or trips to the doctor necessary.< Less

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