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You Can Beat Prostate Cancer By Robert J. Marckini
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The task of choosing the right prostate cancer treatment is daunting. It is further complicated by conflicting information the patient receives from physicians and the Internet. This book is written... More > by a prostate cancer survivor who now runs an international prostate cancer support group. It’s about his journey and the important things he learned along the way. It is the book the author wishes had been available when he was diagnosed 6 years ago. It is intended to provide specific information for men who are at risk or have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. All major treatment options are examined and the pros and cons of each are summarized. A relatively new, non-invasive, highly effective treatment is highlighted. It is an option that cures cancer as well as any other option, but generally leaves the patient with a higher quality of life and fewer, if any, side effects. This book has been endorsed by several physicians as well as other highly respected people from all walks of life.< Less
Blackjack: A Casino Game You Can Beat By Mayo Gardner
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Your Personal Survival Guide to beating the game of Blackjack. Stack the odds in your favor with the correct money management and play. With over 25 years experience, I can tell you how to find a hot... More > table ready to pay you the money you want. I can even teach you how to play perfect strategy to gain the best odds on each hand and you won't have to memorize anything! It's sometimes as simple as looking at the table top. Also, I can teach you how to count cards and keep an updated current running count throughout the game. It'll take about 30 minutes of practice before you hit the tables to take their money. No boring, tedious rules to learn so you'll be ready to hit the tables as soon as you hit the casino if you spend about 30 minutes reading this survival guide and another 20 to 30 minutes practicing before you hit the tables. It's easy and fun which is what gambling should be. And, with this little guide, it should be very profitable for you too! I hope to see you at the winner's table - soon!< Less
Craps: A Casino Game You Can Beat By Mayo Gardner
eBook (ePub): $3.99
You're not alone! Most people look at a crowded crap table (dice table) in the casino -especially, when they hear some happy hollering and laughing and wish they knew how to join the fun. But,... More > they're unfamiliar with the game and it looks so complicated; so, they just walk on off. They're thinking wish I knew how to play that. Boy, it sure sounds like those folks are having fun. Or, they see one when it's near empty wonder why the casino has such a big table with so little activity. STOP, Listen and learn! With over 25 years of experience, I'll teach you in less than 30 minutes how to understand the game and play to win! You'll even learn how to get paid the most odds money on your bets - something many who have played for years don't understand! I'll show you how to tell whether the table is hot or cold and how to make money either way! You don't even have to throw the dice - unless you want to - and when you start raking in the money - You'll really want to throw the dice! It's Fun!< Less
You CAN Beat an Addiction on Your Own By Rye Morrison
Paperback: $7.33
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This book explains how the author beat all of his destructive addictions on his own and how you can too.
I Beat Diabetes, You Can Too! By Keithron Powell
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According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes affects more than 29 million people and kills more people than Cancer and AIDS combined each year. Of that number, there are 8 million people... More > that are undiagnosed. Keithron Powell was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in September of 2013. He had a blood sugar level of 460 and his A1C was 14. His doctor told him that he’d be on medications for the rest of his life. In this compelling and transparent book you’ll discover how one year later, he was removed from all of his medications. He beat diabetes and you can too.< Less
Baccarat: A Casino Game You Can Beat By Mayo Gardner
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Your guide to Winning Baccarat - the easy way. Don't leave home without it! You'll learn from a player with over 25 years experience how you can easily beat this game for big profits or just a... More > little fun money. The choice is yours. You're in control and the game is so easy, you won't have to spend any time learning the rules. There are only 2 hands dealt, rules are preset so you only have that one decision to make: “Will the Bank or Player win?” Plus, the casino is going to help you by tracking which side won the last few hands and the other players can even help you and the casino can't stop them! It's so easy - it's really at least ten times easier than Blackjack or any other game in the casino! Here's the truth: Almost all of us at one time or another have tried to guess whether a coin flip will result in heads or tails right? Well, that's essentially the same thing you'll be doing when you play Baccarat. It's that easy and loads of fun - especially when you're winning money hand over fist!< Less
Beating Obesity By Alex Pascoe
eBook (ePub): $10.53
Alex Pascoe has been specializing in fat reduction since 2003 and during this time has helped hundreds of clients achieve the results they used to dream of. What you'll discover in this straight to... More > the point fat loss system is that most conventional information out there is wrong. Here you'll learn why reducing fat can actually lead to weight gain! Or by doing too much exercise you can encourage your body to use muscle tissue as fuel instead of body fat! It's never been so easy to drop fat, follow this simple, effective no nonsense plan and see how much fat you can drop in just 4 weeks!< Less
Beating Depression By Cyndee Magee
eBook (ePub): $2.99
My main purpose in writing this book is because I’ve seen both sides. I’ve known darkness where I thought there was no way out, and nothing inviting about this life. I’m grateful to... More > have been shown the other side. How extraordinary life can be. I may not ever have had that chance. My wish is that no one else should feel the way I did. I offer hope that life can be better, and some suggestions for getting there. This is what worked for me and I’d love for you to feel what I’m feeling now, which is total gratitude for being alive. I really hope this helps you. I aim to include some of the things I wish I’d known earlier, and things that have helped me stay in a good headspace now.< Less
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Casino Games You Can Beat: Baccarat, Blackjack & Craps By MAYO GARDNER
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $10.47 | You Save: 30%
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IT’S GOING TO BE FUN as: You enjoy reading a short story of a gaming episode and I'll sum up what we’ve learned from it. You WILL NOT have to memorize a bunch of charts or other B.S. as... More > YOU LEARN HOW TO BE A WINNER - NOW! I'LL GUARANTEE TO TEACH YOU: A) How simple baccarat is. You’ll agree it’s as easy as flipping a coin. B) How to play perfect strategy blackjack in 5 minutes or less and How To Count Cards in LESS THAN AN HOUR - Actually, in Just About 30 Minutes. C) How to walk up to a crap table knowing whether it’s hot or cold and which bet to make to get the best odds. Plus, I’ll give you 3 really easy to use betting strategies for a hot craps table as well as one for a cold table. D) The one single way to set the dice to have the best chance not to seven out! And, I'll help both the novice and the experienced "shooter" improve their game!< Less