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Youtube Insights for Audience: Discover the types of videos users search for based on their country, age, gender and interests By Kenneth Parker
eBook (PDF): $2.99
So what can the tool be used for? For one, media and advertising agencies can use the new tool to discover the type(s) of videos users search for based on their country, age, gender and interests.
The Marketing and Social Media Genius By Lamoy A Patterson
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Almost every successful business started with an effective marketing plan and yours can too. Learn how to create a highly effective marketing plan to increase market share and guide your business... More > into success! You can now discover from the pros how to develop your own marketing plan complete with strategies and techniques that will really work through my amazing book. This book has a bonus section. Here you will get instant access to the ultimate guide to getting more leads, sales and customers using the power of high-traffic social media sites... this guide will show you how to use twitter, google+, facebook, youtube and linkedin to propel your business!< Less
Video Marketing Success By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Ever wonder how to improve your marketing campaign? Or win your competitors easily? Well, video marketing is the next big thing. It's not even new by the time you are reading this. Many big and... More > small companies, or individuals are using video as a form of making. It attracts people easily, and converts better. Right now, youtube is still the number 1 channel. You can make a living by doing some simple videos. However, I can't say it's simple. That's why you need this ebook. I've compiled tons of video marketing tips into this ebook. Inside, you can find the most basic video marketing 101, all the way to the expert level or marketing. If you are serious about your marketing campaign, get this ebook today!< Less
Video Marketing for Your Business By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Want to impress your audience more, and increase your conversion rate? Video marketing can be the way out! In our modern world where smartphones are easily accessible, making video aren't a hard... More > thing anymore. Creating beautiful video with your laptop or smartphone can really boost your business to the next level. By integrating great content into your video, upload it to the web and share it via social media, you can almost see an increase in your traffic and conversion immediately! This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL video marketing experts around the world, sharing with you their experiences and tips how to properly set up a video channel for your business. Learn from their mistakes, improvise and move faster! Without videos, you are losing your market share daily. Learn how to create catching video right now!< Less
Social Media Marketing Tips By Ravi Pagare
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This e-book has been written to provide information about Internet marketing. Every effort has been made to make this e-book as complete and accurate as possible. I hope you will get detailed idea... More > about social media marketing and earn extra income.< Less
Video Marketing for Businesses By Tommy H.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Do you have a business, and you want to attract more sales? Well, you can do it easily through video marketing. Youtube and other video platforms aren't anything new, and most of the major... More > businesses have video in their marketing campaigns. Reason is simple, people love videos! This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL internet marketers around the world, sharing what and how to work with videos. You can create a short video right from your iphone, and with the right technique, you are able to make a killing from it! Read through this ebook, make notes and start planning for your video marketing campaign. Slowly work your business up and your earnings will follow. Get this ebook right now!< Less
The Quintessential Guide To Marketing Ads By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $7.20
You Won’t Make It In Advertising If You Miss Out This Book! The Survival Guide To Stay Strong In The Advertising Jungle! We all know the fact that we are not an advertising genius. If we are,... More > companies would pay millions to you and you'd be making hundreds of thousands of dollars.But as time goes on, more and more people have been learning more about advertising and how they can market their product effectively. Introducing...The Quintessential Guide To Marketing Ads ..... - The basics of Marketing - Types of advertising - The soft skills in advertising - The hard skills you will need in advertising - Principles in writing a marketing Ad - And more !< Less
Red Hot Internet Publicity E-Book By Author Marketing Experts, Inc
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Red Hot Internet Publicity will not only teach you how to create a web site that turns visitors into customers, but it also teaches you quick and easy ways to promote yourself on the ’Net for... More > exceptional sales results. You’ll learn how to maximize your Internet promotional efforts by utilizing blogs, Internet articles, chat groups, ezines and hundreds of secrets tools and strategies used by some of the most savvy Internet marketers. Internet Marketing Visionary Penny C. Sansevieri unlocks the online marketing secrets just for you. This book publicity guide will help you discover the hottest new trend in book promotion: Internet publicity and marketing.< Less
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways for anyone to earn money online. This is a quick and passive method to earn cash that is highly scalable, and that is easy to set up. No... More > technical skill is required, and if you choose the right products and connect with the right market, you can stand to make hundreds of even thousands of dollars in a short space of time. In this book, you will learn the benefits of affiliate marketing, as well as how to get started quickly and efficiently in order to begin making money. With smart product selection, a primed audience, and just a little bit of good fortune, this could genuinely change your life. For those that are already selling affiliate products, this book should serve to provide you with the additional skills and tips you need to really take your business to the next level. This includes the tools being used by top brands in order to sell HUGE ticket items like MBA courses and $5,000+ powerhouse laptops.< Less
Video Marketing Gold By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $6.75
Introducing Video Marketing Gold ...... Video Marketing Gold is designed for anyone who is new to video and wants to quickly learn how to get started with video marketing FAST. It's not an advanced... More > guide containing complex information that you won't be able to understand - It's a simple 'no fluff' report that will show you exactly what you need to know. Here are just SOME of the things you'll learn inside: •What video marketing involves and what it can do for your business. •What actually makes a great video (very important) •How to make your own videos •The different software options you have •The FREE video software that you can use to get started •How to create videos using your webcam •How to create videos using screen capture software •How to share your videos with the world •How to upload your videos onto your website or blog •And more !< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
Paperback: $13.32