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The Adventures of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Boy By Jason Madsen
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What could go wrong on a road trip? When you're an agoraphobic teenager...everything! Eighteen-year-old Kyle Crane has spent most of his short life hiding from the world. With the help of modern... More > pharmaceuticals, a mettlesome girl named Angela, and a lackadaisical dog named Socrates, Kyle manages to bolster up enough courage to drive across the country to find the father that walked out on him years earlier.< Less
Sane or Not Let's say Probably Misdiagnosed a schizophrenic then Drugged to Permaent Disability By Regine Dubono
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A compendium of a young girl's diaries after she's been subjected to a program of experimental psychiatric drugs and ECT. Then her continued treatment at first at home, then as she is committed by... More > one hospital to a psychiatric hospital, and finally to a group home. There are also entries from her mother's diaries.< Less
SANE or, Probably misdiagnosed - the feelings, thoughts, fears and hopes of a teenager By Regine Dubono
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diaries of a child diagnosed with schizophrenia. Goal is to try to understand her thinking and question whether she truly had mental illness. A rare and revealing documentary of the thoughts,... More > feelings, reasoning, fears, dreams and hopes of an adolescent girl growing up in an intellectual middle class family in America during the 1980's. Should be important information for mental health professionals.< Less
Fairy Tale Concentration Camps By Regine Dubono
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This book is a compendium of diaries, letters, program leaflets, with a common thread of the topic of mental illness and its medical treatment component. It is designed to be an eye opener for all... More > those who value life and freedom.< Less
On Behavior By Keith Trimm
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On Behavior is a book in 3 sections that deals with what makes people tick. Section one is my description of types of behavior, section two is personal interviews with real people about behavior and... More > section three is my observations of behavior as I have seen it. None of this is new or ground breaking; it's my commentary on human behavior as I've seen it along with a large dose of interpersonal interviews tossed in. I have an idea, I don't know if it's a theory so I'll call it an idea for now. That idea is that people are made up of bits and pieces of mental stuff like grains of sand scooped up from a sand pile and placed in a bucket and aged with a lifetime of experiences and spiced with emotions. Each grain of sand is a personality trait randomly selected and added to the pile to create a unique person with traits shared with but not in the same combination with everyone else. My instinct is to think that everyone would be for the most part alike when it comes to certain things.< Less
The Back Story By Beth Taylor
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The Back Story is a visual narrative chronicling my experience with persistent back pain. The book details my MFA Thesis Project in Graphic Design for Maryland Institute College of Art (MFA 2011).
She Ain't Heavy She Is My Daughter By Regine Dubono
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Using interplanetary voyage with the help of immortal Sherlock Holmes and the avatar of a butterfly a curator describes treatment for mental illness in a drug study at a renown hospital on Planet... More > Terrorista through funding by a government agency and project.< Less
Thoughts Racing Through My Mind By Regine Dubono-Pelham
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An assembly of essays, poems, short stories, letters, based on a stream of thoughts writing technique, similar to the stream of thoughts individuals with mental illness might experience. to... More > demonstrate the scale of continuity between conscious thought and unconsciousness, health and so called "illness", and art and science as it applies to healing and the medical arts. Also a description of the program "ART, HISTORY AND MEDICINE", presented at Rutgers University in 1990 by Artists for Mental Health, a NP corporation in NJ, based in South Orange, NJ, of which Dubono was the chief founder and activist. The final essay entitled: An Urgent Letter to a Prescriber" deals with the ethics of psychiatric prescriptions, often containing duplicates, or medications that oppose each other's, and their side effects which are little understood by community residents and staff alike. At least patients in psychiatric hospitals were monitored. In the community, Serious Drugs side effects are often ignored.< Less
When Your Drugs Don't Work By Regine Dubono
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When a mother discovers that the drugs her daughter has been prescribed are making her physically and mentally ill, she tries to have the group home decrease them in stages and find herself fighting... More > against an invincible system. That system includes the regulatory organizations, the funding organizations and of course the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs. However the drug manufacturers do not recommend the mixing of drugs.< Less
Sun Twist By Brandt Hardin
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lit up, sizzlin' poppin' round... feelin' twisted and poetic, flingin' sweat off that brow and dancin'!