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Peter Pan di J.M Berrie By Berrie
eBook (PDF): $1.08
Peter Pan first appeared in a section of The Little White Bird, a 1902 novel written by J. M. Barrie for adults. The character's best-known adventure first appeared on 27 December 1904, in the form... More > of a stage play entitled Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. The play was adapted and expanded somewhat as a novel, published in 1911 as Peter and Wendy. This edition has an appendix of Paul Hessel and Martine Besse. This ebook is part of Fairy Tales project of Errant Editions This editions has a different and new appendix< Less
What Hides Behind a Gesture? By Davide Balesi
eBook (PDF): $2.80
How can you seduce a woman if you can’t even understand what she is saying to you? How can you win a negotiation if you can’t even understand which side your interlocutor is on? How can... More > you understand people’s intentions when you are not even sure if they are telling the truth? You can easily lie with words but not with body language. Keep in mind that 90% of communication is nonverbal! There are facial expressions, vocal variations, posture, unintentional gestures and proxemics. Words often hide the real meaning of a conversation. If you learn to read the meaning of nonverbal language, you will also learn to understand yourself better. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a situation, and made a gesture or stroke an attitude unintentionally? You probably wondered about the meaning of your gestures, am I wrong? This handbook will answer all your questions!< Less
Little Women Louisa May Alcott. By francesca mazzucato
eBook (PDF): $1.07
...It is perhaps also true that feminist critics needed Little Women. It was an opportunity to consider the construction of gender; the value of women's and girls' experience, intellect, and... More > creativity; the importance of women's and girls' relationships with other women and girls; the role of identification and affect in reading; and the question of women's power (what constitutes rebellion, resistance, subversion, submission? how do you tell the difference?). These are the issues that animate Little Women: A Family Romance and Little Women and the Feminist Imagination, though the treatment of these characteristically feminist concerns is often surprising.< Less
The Necessary Tools for Success -The Self Help Guide By Thomas Jackson
eBook (PDF): $2.72
This book will provide you with the necessary tools for success! Success is one of the most desired need that we all want to go after and achieve but the journey to be successful is not easy. The... More > common saying that we need to be very clear on what we want is always right because clarity fuels and empowers us to take action and stay positive a long the way. This book simplifies all the success concepts and focuses on the key points: set realistic goal, stay committed and reward yourself.< Less
Orion and the Stars in Eden By David Aron Le-Qaraimi
eBook (ePub): $2.75
The ancient poem Enuma Elish is a collection of early hymns from Babylon, Nineveh and Ur’s ancient past. These towns portray the complex relationship within Mesopotamian culture. Despite... More > significant variations, there was a marked continuity in cultural and social organisation, which reveals a deep unitary conception as to how these societies were structured. Taking this into consideration, the assiduous working in collecting the sacred hymns ought to be noted, their impressions made into the earliest of memories were conserved and celebrated. Their forms and modes of celebration allow the reader to see the extensive material surrounding Enuma Elish. Thus enabling the poem to be regarded as a heterogeneity, manifesting essential similarities at its nuclear core. Whilst not dwarfing the interpretation of the poem as branches of the same tree.< Less
Meditation By Giuseppe Caredda
eBook (PDF): $6.70
The book deals with true meditation. It deepens every aspect of a human being,its essence, its origin. It discovers the hidden movements of the mind. It reveals the structure of thought and how you... More > can use it by putting it in the right place. It clarifies the ego center movement. It finds the causes of mental confusion in which human beings live. Is also deals totally and resolutely reality like the you,staying alone with yourself, silence, indifference, effects, etc. Undoubtedly an actual book, practical, very useful for those wishing to investigate itself,and be open to observe what is expressed in the form of beliefs,ideals, opinions, conclusions, opinions, observations, comments,ways of living and thinking that are the cause of conflict and suffering. With self-awareness you go towards the natural meditation and therefore spontaneous effortless or impositions, it only flows.< Less
Hamlet's Duel By Cesare Caneva
eBook (ePub): $0.00
In the countries of the industrialized West is given an elevated value to the material results achieved by the individuals, but it is ignored, on the other hand, the meaning of those successes... More > obtained by carrying out some inner transformations. This study focuses on that particular “ethical” transformation which, once carried out, allows every character to perceive his own existence. The first nucleus of this inner transformation is recognizable in the adolescence. The duel faced by Hamlet in the fifth act becomes the archetype of that negative asymmetrical duel that the young has to face when the "father" doesn't succeed in assuming his own role in the period of his child’s adolescence. The unsuccessful carrying out of the ethical transformation under examination causes the development of more or less serious forms of pathological games, degenerate forms introduced in the sixth chapter and in appendix with some examples.< Less
How to Say 'Yes' or 'No': Logical Approaches to Modes of Assertion and Denial By Massimiliano Carrara et al.
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Assertion and denial are mutually incompatible speech acts. In a classical theory of denial, to deny A is equivalent to asserting ¬A, that is A is correctly denied iff ¬A is correctly... More > asserted. However, such classical equivalence has been nowadays disputed by many logical and philosophical approaches to assertion and denial. Aim of the workshop is to develop new modal, substructural and normative approaches to assertion and denial and to provide a fine-grained analysis of the logical constants and operators for these linguistic and epistemic acts. Moreover, we intend to develop new philosophical ideas on assertion and denial. In this vein innovative analyses for assertion and denial will be proposed.< Less
365 Days of Motivation By mi oc
eBook (PDF): $7.69
What Motivates You? 3 Steps To True Motivation All of us have some form of motivation and it varies per person. There are simple things that could motivate us like buying a really nice pair of... More > shoes, shopping, or simply having some free time. No matter what it is that motivates, you there are certain things that keeps us in this motivated state. Check out the key factors to motivation: Imagination If you can think it, it can be done. Imagination is our limitless resource of information. It is what drives people to come up of new things to make life better. It is also the starting point for motivation. Imagining how things will begin, the series of coordinated events, and the desired outcomes will most likely fuel anyone’s intentions. On the other hand, there is one twist to this though. You should never think of negative through or contradictory imaginations that may result negatively. Pessimistic imagination can only do so much as bring doubt. It cannot do you any good...< Less
Neoism Now & Then. In Conversation with Florian Cramer By Chiara Moioli
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Neoism Now & Then. In Conversation with Florian Cramer introduces the reader to Neoism and its connections with Mail Art, Plagiarism and net art, discussing in depth the practice of multiple... More > names and offering an exceptionally rich insider view on these developments. This publication is a spin-off of the book project Cloning Aura. Art in the Age of Copycats, by Chiara Moioli: an essay that explores the close relation between practices of appropriation an, going through Postmodernism, 70s-80s subcultural movements, and the Surfing Club generation. Chiara Moioli is an artist and researcher.< Less

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