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Outrage: Burma's Struggle for Democracy By Bertil Lintner
eBook (ePub): $8.36
In 1988 Burma (now Myanmar) exploded. People rose up against their government in a massive and nationwide expression of outrage at the regime’s ruinous economic policies and repressive... More > politics. The protests were suppressed by violence on a scale even more brutal than the Chinese suppression of the demonstrations in and around Tiananmen Square the following year. Outrage is the result of many visits to Burma and its border areas, interviews with eyewitnesses and survivors of the massacres that took place in Rangoon and elsewhere in 1988. Even now, several decades later, it remains the fullest published account of these terrible events. The significance of Lintner’s book might be best gauged by the official response to the first edition, which was published in June 1989: “…a pot-pourri of maliciously selected misrepresentations, misinterpretations, fabrications, and rumour-sourced disinformation…by past master of malice, foreign journalist Bertil Lintner.” (Working People’s Daily, 1989).< Less
The Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Burma By Bertil Lintner
eBook (ePub): $8.39
One of Asia’s longest running communist insurrections ended on the night of April 16, 1989. Its cessation was not the outcome of a successful government offensive or of a generous amnesty... More > policy, but of an all-out mutiny within the rank-and-file of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB). That night, thousands of mutineers stormed the CPB’s headquarters at Panghsang, a small town near the Chinese frontier in the Wa Hills of Burma’s northeastern Shan State. The rebellious troops seized the well-stocked armoury and other buildings, while the CPB’s aging, staunchly Maoist leadership fled headlong across the Nam Hka River into China. For the first time in history, a Communist insurgency had been defeated from within its own ranks. This is the story of the rise and fall of one of Asia’s longest-lasting and most powerful communist insurgencies. The book includes maps and unique photographs as well as charts showing how the CPB was organized before it collapsed in 1989.< Less
The Kachin: Lords of Burma's Northern Frontier By Bertil Lintner
eBook (ePub): $8.39
Remarkable for their military prowess, their receptivity to Christianity, and their intricate all-embracing kinship network, the Kachins are a hardy mountain people living in the remote hills of... More > northern Burma (Myanmar), and on the peripheries of China and India. During the Second World War they strongly sided with the Allies in defending Burma against the Japanese, earning themselves sobriquets such as “amiable assassins” and “Gurkhas of Southeast Asia”. After Burma’s independence in 1948, the Kachins were given their own state, but in the early 1960s they went to war again, this time fighting for autonomy for their homeland. For half a century, funded largely by the world-renowned jade trade they control, they maintained their armed insurgency, playing a key role in Burma’s internecine struggles. In 1994 the Kachins and the Burmese government signed a cease-fire agreement. However, in June 2011 government forces broke the truce and war flared anew in the Kachin hills.< Less

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