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Hubris 1 By Greg Cravens
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Leisure Time. Leave it to us to turn our leisure time into a massive industry. We get all gussied-up in our high-tech, ultralight, sweat-wicking, satellite-uplinked, Gore-Tex (TM) socks and after... More > that, things get silly. I tell you, it's all utter hubris. You'd think we didn't enjoy our careers, the way we lunge for our toys on our days off. Scrambling for the outdoors as if we belonged there, and not parking our spreading backsides at the computer, enjoying the hum of central air and heat. Hubris. I've heard some people actually exercise during the week, building up their stamina and suchlike so that they can better enjoy their weekends. What do these people's parents think? But maybe you're like that? Maybe you're doing research for a book on the subject. Too late. Here's the book. But it's all utter hubris.< Less
The Weedy Mead Chronicles 115 PROJECT 1 A Bunch Of Waffle By Timothy Mead
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When the waffle starts, and things are said, proposed, surmised, suggested: please MEAN something; and please KNOW what you mean. Language, in my opinion, is like that. If it ‘means’... More > something, it can MEAN something. And if you know what the language, your language, MEANS, there is no end to the places it can take you. But if you don’t know and can’t say EXACTLY what the words are being used to mean, you will join the ranks of ‘philosophers’ and ‘pundits’ who manage to say all kinds of dumb things, and show no sign of realizing it. Don’t bother to learn what the ‘experts’ have said; it will serve no useful purpose. Language is a luxury, in a way, and should be treated as such. Leave the poetry to the poets, the fantasy to the fantasists, the non-sense to the nonsensists (I believe the proper term is ‘expert philosophical minds’, or something similar).< Less
Hermes and Pegasus: A Stageplay for College and Broadway (1st Draft) By Andrew Anthony C Angus
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This book is a stageplay. The story line of the play is like this: King Tros is the king of the Kingdoms of Dardania and Troy. He owns 3,000 horses. He heard the news about the existence of a... More > winged horse named Pegasus. He wants the winged horse for his royal stable. Meanwhile, the news spread to the gods of Mount Olympus including Hermes that King Tros wants to capture or "horsenap" Pegasus. The gods meet and plan to punish King Tros if the king's plan succeeds. Hermes and Pegasus visits Dardania. Hermes spies on King Tros while teaching the townfolks how to play the lyre, his musical invention. Then, Pegasus falls in love with a mare in Dardania. In the end, the gods punish King Tros for his hubris and greed. The play is drama spiced with a bit of comedy, dancing, singing, cheering, boxing, wrestling, etc.< Less

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