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Realize By Mike Marty
eBook (PDF): $1.73
Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living rebuking nothing.
Vision Realized: A History of the MCO By Robert Carter & J James Saladin
Paperback: $25.00
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A history of Ferris State University's Michigan College of Optometry.
In Visions By Kelly Thomas
Paperback: $21.99
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Lily Madisons life in East Empress, Maine was average, boring even, until her dreams began to take on a life of their own. When her dreams begin to play out in waking life, she realizes that they... More > are actually premonitions. She suddenly knows things that she shouldn't and she doesn't know why. After Lily's dreams take a bloody turn, she can not shake the ominous feeling that remains. She must figure out a way to stop her ghastly dreams from becoming a reality. Following her instincts, she trudges forward on a journey to interpret the esoteric messages, but she soon finds that she is in way over her head when her pyschic secret is discovered. Life begins spiraling out of control when Lily becomes the target of a madman's obsessive and extreme quest to rid the world of Lily's kind. She begins to realize that some secrets are too enigmatic to reveal without consequence, and sometimes, some things are better left unknown.< Less
Industrialize (In Dust Realize) By Trayvond Souder
Paperback: $10.00
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Many people are faced with adverse situations that leave them feeling trapped. In this book, which is also a life guide, you will notice that I have faced a plethora of challenges in my life. Even... More > though the dust of my situations blinded my vision, my faith in God remained strong. I encourage you to stop living life according to your plans and start living life according to God’s Plans. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. About the Author: Trayvond Souder has overcome many obstacles in his childhood. While growing up in poverty stricken conditions Trayvond Souder knew that life had more to offer. Trayvond did not allow the dust of harsh conditions to blind his vision. Despite the obstacles Trayvond faced he was able to attend college and create his own identity. Trayvond has impacted his peers through mentoring, teaching and helping others.< Less
The Flawless Vision By Dada Bhagwan
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Those seeking to lead a spiritual life will naturally ask themselves how to progress in spirituality, and how to live spiritual values. Must one somehow transcend good and bad, right and wrong? When... More > does one’s spiritual development truly begin? By enlightened definition, the foundation of a spiritual life is a faultless worldview; and to achieve such vision, Self realization is required. In the book “The Flawless Vision”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan states: “When a person does not have Self-realization (spiritual enlightenment), he always sees faults in others and can never see his own mistake.” Dadashri explains how to attain the Self – describing that the knowledge of Self is the beginning of true spirituality. An automatic outcome and one of the most prominent signs of spiritual awakening, is faultless vision of the entire world. Among the many spiritual books available from spiritual teachers today, “The Flawless Vision” is a unique and precious.< Less
Vision of a Choice By Kate Power
eBook (ePub): $2.00
When 12 year old Callie turns 13, she realizes that she misses her mother who has been dead for years. Then she has a vision where she can make a choice, a choice that could change her life...forever.
Dual Visions By Herbert Grosshans
Paperback: $12.95
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Dual Visions by Herbert Grosshans-- The Cliffs of Time-- Dinosaurs aren't the only danger Derek Steel faces when he travels to 100 million BC. Saboteurs try to prevent the terra-forming of Mars.... More > They don't realize the consequences it will have if they are successful. Will Derek find his lover again or will they both be lost on the Cliffs of Time? Orion – The Hunt-- Hektor Orion joins the Hunt on Izzard-Junction to find his kidnapped mind-sister Delina. Stranded in the deep jungle of a hostile planet, the motley members of the hunting party must find their way back to civilization, but freedom may not be at the end of their journey.< Less
Visions of Chaos By Des Pensable
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Lies, misinformation, deception, coercion, illusion, magic, shape changing are all the standard ingredients in this story set in a rehabilitated post-apocalyptic jungle world. The two main characters... More > Aquitain, a seemingly innocent male wizard and shape changer and his partner in chaos, Miranda, a druid priestess with an aversion to male wizards and a magical tattoo that protects much more than her virtue start on a chaotic journey. In Visions of Chaos book, book1 of the Divinity Seeds trilogy, they join forces to help Aquitain escape a bounty hunter but become involved in events involving mysterious little people, shamans, spirits, strange rituals, giant ants and a haunted magical mask. They soon realize they are pawns caught up in a deceptive mind game between powerful adversaries in a crazy magical minefield of coercion, intrigue and deception where the locals believe Aquitain is an Agent of Chaos and the catalyst for a new apocalypse.< Less
Take A Position, Create A Vision By Student Press Initiative
Paperback: $27.10
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The election of America’s first African American president prompted 11th grade English classes at Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School to realize that a clear vision combined with... More > the right words and images could influence and inspire profound change. Tapping into their passions and utilizing cutting edge computer software, these students exercised their freedom of speech to create profound political posters and write persuasive speeches. The range of issues they chose is remarkable; the student-writers of Take a Position, Create a Vision return us to democracy.< Less
Visions Through a Dark Glass By The Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Visions Through a Dark Glass is a collection of stories unique to the fantasy genre. Some of the tales are simply spellbinding while others serve to make readers realize a darker image of the... More > imagination that resides in the mind's eye. Like many works of dark fantasy, creatures such as werewolves, fairies, and long lost lovers are discovered. Yet each tale is different as some reveal various protagonists' joy and heartache in various magical realms.< Less

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