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The All or Nothing Girl By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $9.07
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What happens when your comfortable life is suddenly denied you? When the Chanel make up’s dried up, the designer gear’s been flogged on eBay and the Persian rug has been well and truly... More > pulled out from under you? Meet Francesca Milton-Harris as she realises that one ‘little mistake' is going to change her life in ways she could never have imagined. THE ALL OR NOTHING GIRL … because sometimes you have to lose it all to see how much more you can gain.< Less
Cinderella's Buttons (a Novella) By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $6.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
‘The Tideswell Players' are all set for their debut amateur dramatics production and it’s going to wake up their sleepy little village. Will Gemma realise that not all men are pigs? Can... More > Fliss put her heart on defrost? When will Cheryl learn to be less of a Wannabe? Who will love Ramsey, the only gay in the village? What does it all hold for Martin? And will Theo stop being ‘too nice’? Join them as they discover that the scene may be set and the script written, but anything can happen when the magic of the theatre casts its spell.< Less
Catnaps & Flapjacks By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $8.86
Prints in 3-5 business days
Abandoned and fostered as a babe-in-arms, I've spent my life yearning to belong. Pregnant at 16 by the boy I loved, I thought I'd found my happy place. How wrong I was. Becoming a grandmother at... More > 34, I believed my daughter and granddaughter were all I needed - along with the cats I cherish in my café. Wrong again! Suddenly people from my past are crawling out of the woodwork and hot men are coming along like buses. Grab a coffee and a cake at ‘CATNAPS & FLAPJACKS’ and snuggle up with one of my fur-babies as my story unfolds.< Less
Kissing Frogs and Dogs By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $8.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Daisy's given up on love. She's had the dirty done on her once too often and has put her heart on ice. A chance meeting with a sexy singleton leaves her kicking herself - what a time to become a... More > Born Again Virgin! - but when he suggests she gets a dog for company, she can't begin to imagine the complications that follow. Join Daisy as she falls head over heels with her four-legged friend, discovers that not all men are mongrels and realises that sometimes, once you stop looking, you'll find exactly what you've been searching for. ‘KISSING FROGS AND DOGS’ Which one will lead to a fairy-tail ending?< Less
Recipe for Change By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $8.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
* * * * * Take 1 single mum Stir in: 1 hunky male housekeeper 1 new love interest 2 cute kids Marinate with: 1 randy neighbour 2 feisty OAPs 2 recently broken hearts METHOD: Lightly toss in a... More > reality TV show. Add a spoonful of salsa and a liberal sprinkling of rumba. Leave on a slow simmer and watch it bubble. * * * * *< Less
Tabby & Kat By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $11.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
" - ROOM TO RENT - Fifteen minutes from here in large, airy house with garden. Mad enough to share with fun loving party animals? (1 male, 1 female, 1 parrot)" Things are changing for... More > Tabby and Adam. With their friend Polly leaving the ‘Thunky Three’, who will fill the void in their cosy house share? Enter … Kat … and a whole heap of trouble.< Less
Completing the Puzzle By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $12.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Middle aged and middle-of-the-road, Fee Crawford has been drifting through life in a passionless marriage and hurtling towards the menopause. With her twin boys grown up and needing her less, why... More > does she still feel incomplete? Coping with her elderly dad, increasingly distant husband and flighty best friend, Cordelia, her life seems to be spiralling out of control. Will a chance meeting with a handsome vet be the missing link to make everything fall into place? A tale of families, love and mid-life crisis.< Less
Life After Seth By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $8.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
Picture this … A summer wedding booked in a beautiful English village surrounded by rolling hills and stunning countryside. The guests are waiting, the bride is blushing and the groom is... More > … where? Left to muddle through in a ramshackle cottage with half-naked builders, a selfish mother, a New Age sister who’s away with the fairies and a hormonal teenage nephew, Lizzie sees her world spiral into farce. It may seem like a romcom that cinema goers giggle over as they chomp on their popcorn, but this is no laughing matter for Lizzie - it’s her life. With Seth gone, there’s no shortage of men should she ever choose to love again. But which one would she consider letting into her broken heart? And will she find the happy ever after she’s always dreamed of? LIFE AFTER SETH … when being jilted is the best thing that can happen to a girl.< Less
Getting to Know Me By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $8.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Penny seems to have the perfect life. A fantastic job on a country manor estate with lodgings thrown in and a fit boss who's more like a friend. Everything about her is highly organised. Except for... More > affairs of the heart. When conventional methods fail, how far is she prepared to go to find herself a husband? At the risk of jeopardising her friendships – and indeed her livelihood – can she learn to listen to her heart rather than her head to discover that ... ... love is what happens while you're busy making other plans?< Less
Christmas Deliverance (a Novella) By Amanda Egan
Paperback: $6.11
Prints in 3-5 business days
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It’s that time of year again and the Willoughby family think they’ve got everything wrapped up. Each concealing their own issues, they return to widowed mum Maggie to play at happy... More > families. But an unexpected delivery challenges their perceptions of one other - and of themselves. Grab a mulled wine, snuggle up by the fire and share a family Christmas with a difference. Because Christmas doesn’t always deliver what you want - but sometimes it might be just what you need.< Less