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TRUST ME, I'M THE PATIENT Clean Language, Metaphor, and the New Psychology of Change By Philip Harland
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Popular Psychology. "Superb. Substantial. Entertaining. Informative." An essential read for anyone who finds themself counseling, coaching, or working with others. Takes you step by step... More > through a process that lends itself to the most profound therapeutic transformation and yet can be used informally at home, at work, or in the queue for the bus. Science, psychology, philosophy, and a vibrating peach are all part of the story in this far-reaching but readily accessible guide to the practice of Clean questioning, a knowledge of which will enable you to enter another person's world almost unnoticed and once there to tread very, very lightly. And what happens is that the person you facilitate will get to know - and change, and heal, if that is their aim - themself.< Less
Trust Me, I'm A REALTOR. Top Myths, Tricks & Truths By Frank Borges LLosa
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BLOOD TRUST By Walker Jackson
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Emetic horror. Blood Trust, a group of seven cold blooded murderers meet at haunted Chimerical Manor to confess their killing stories. Thus, seven horrifying stories await you; however, when McTrite... More > joins, he tells his. Manor owner and Trust organizer Benson Ballard is also a haunter. "I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat," said Edgar Allan Poe. Since his after-spirit is an honorary member of 'BLOOD TRUST', a brief excerpt taken from his 'The Devil in the Belfry', seems a befitting introduction. When I fly-off on tangents, please forgive me. And, if my images seem beyond belief, accept them as intended, to entertain. Eat your heart out Stephen King. Rave: I'm about half-way through Blood Trust and am enjoying it thoroughly! While I didn't find McTrite as engrossing -- as I'm not much for the genre -- it, too, was well-written. The very idea of Blood Trust is interesting, and you capture the characters well.< Less
I'm With The Band: Meet Me Halfway By Corri Lee
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'No boyfriends, no groupies'- that is the standing NBNG rule for Amelia Marsh, the hostile and insular front-man of the internationally renowned alternative rock band 'The Bystander Effect'. Four... More > simple coping strategies have pulled her through five years of tours and eight years of life without having to let her stage face slip and in her mind, she is happy. But like any tightly wound twenty-two year old, you can count on a man to screw it up. Their eyes meet over the university library at an opportune moment and he sees past the arctic cold front to the fragile child that she seeks so desperately to protect. Truths are told in a scorching hot tale of trust sought through lust and love won through tolerance and blissful ignorance. What man wouldn't salivate at the notion of spending weeks in the close company of the band he idolises and his 'dream woman'? Oh, that would be CJ. He has no idea who they are. What a moron.< Less
And I'm Feeling Like a ________ . By Rick Cleveringa
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For the first time available to the public, And I'm Feeling Like a______ contains all the lyrics of the numbers recorded by the reclusive Rick Cleveringa during the past three years at the... More > now-notorious McMurdo Sound Studio in Crete, Illinois. Fans and musicologists alike will appreciate having access to the complete texts of "Trouble in the Doniker," "No Man's Land," "Muscadine," "The Bear Inside Me," and thirty others. Sometimes haunting, sometimes lyrical, occasionally twisted, and often gleefully bizarre, Cleveringa's songs draw on a vast body of lore ranging from carnivorous snowmen to broken girls, from French fur trappers to monkeys in their u--------s. Several photographs are interspersed throughout the book, mostly depicting Cleveringa in questionable situations. All proceeds from this book are being collected in a fund held in trust for Cleveringa or his designees in the event that he is located. < Less
Quacks: Two Years As a Patient in a Veterans Affairs Nursing Home By Fred Dungan
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A while back, I made the mistake of walking into the VA hospital in Loma Linda, California, to get a right knee implant. How was I supposed to know the surgeon was lying about his rate of success? He... More > lost my upper partial dental plate, the titanium prothesis became infected, and my right knee is now frozen in a bent position. I can't stand up, I'm not comfortable lying down, I'm horribly scarred, I can't drive, and I'm stuck in a rickety wheelchair that desperately needs a front end alignment. They addicted me to morphine and sent me home to die. God help me before I'm dead and gone. Quacks is about negligence, malpractice, and abuse in VA nursing homes. Read it to find out how to change the VA system for the better.< Less
"Tell Me If This Hurts" By mick osullivan
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My experience as an NHS patient going through kidney failure, transplant, failed transplant,back on dialysis and a very succesful second kidney transplant while trying to qualify as a lawyer. Go... More > through the first 11 pages of the preview on this web page - click under front cover - quotes from those who read it. Also book divulges how Dad gave me one of his kidneys and how Mum succombed to the same plight- polycystic kidneys. Doesn't hold back on down side. eg cancer, osteporosis and how NHS is doing, looking at it from two different trust, three hospitals and five different wards. NOTE: This was the cheapest I could sell the book for on this site. I will get about £2.27 for each copy sold. If I get enough to live on I will donate to health charities. I will send written evidence of income from sales to anyone who can show they bought a copy.< Less
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Living in these end days is the end of the end, that is, the end of existence. Coping with this upcoming potential tragedy of life can no longer be ignored regardless of the bypass mechanisms you... More > employ to make it disappear. There is only one way to overcome the innumerable fears associated with this and that is by saying good-bye to the world’s system and saying hello to spiritual warfare through God. We are talking about unity for everyone, not our denominations, which really means division. You want to secure your future and comprehend that eternity in Heaven will be a welcome choice. Finally, you will have to get serious about the power of prayer, reading the Bible, memorizing Scriptures that support you, praying in tongues, seeking knowledge for more wisdom, and of course, utilizing faith which God has provided for you. Faith is FANTASTIC ADVENTURES IN TRUSTING HIM.< Less
I woke up today and I'm 80 years old where did the years go By Dr Ronald Sherman
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One day each of us will awaken to look in the mirror and be shocked by the image looking back at us. I am 80 years old where did the years go? How do we treat our elderly population? They are a... More > blessing asset and should be treated with utter respect, love and admiration. If they hadn't sacrificed for us, you and me would not be here. I have been treating the senior citizen patient for 33 years, take this imaginary journey with Sam and get a perspective of looking in the mirror and the image looking back is 80 years old.< Less
Help I Have Issues By Bobbie Davis Jr., M.A.
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Help I Have Issues is something that everybody wanted to say at one point or another. Within these pages the reader will discover Biblical truths that will help with their current state or being. If... More > we are honest with ourselves I think that we all have issues that must be dealt with. This book teaches you how to deal with the struggles or challenges that we are faced with. Some of us have beat ourselves up from things or people that have mishandled our love and trust. We are blaming ourselves over certain things that has happened to us in which we had no control over. The Word of God is full of answers and solutions to our private, pass, or present mistakes or failures. The focus is not so much on others but you. Practical application is given and listed that will help an individual move from darkness to light. So often when we become of age there's no one there to offer encouragement from a pure heart. Therefore it seems as though we are all alone, allow me to share something with you. You are not alone.< Less

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