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You're Not Going To Believe This One... By Joe Saporito
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Short stories of people in conflict, either with others or with themselves (or both!). We encounter many emotions...anger, doubt, fear, joy; and hopefully, discovery about one's self. Character is... More > always an important ingredient for me. I hope there are several characters who become 'real' for the reader. Certainly, I think there is a sense of humor throughout.< Less
Me and You and Daisies By Lily R. Mason
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Maybe 'happily ever afters' don't exist. Maybe they're fragmented and sprinkled throughout our lives to remind us to keep moving forward. Maybe, if we look from the right angle and maneuver the... More > pieces just so, they become a masterpiece we keep adding to until the day we die. Sequel to Taking the Long Way< Less
Who Killed Emmett Till By Susan Klopfer
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The Mississippi Delta is not a place I would have picked to live and if you had asked me a few years ago what I knew about the region, it would have been a puzzle since I knew nothing of its history... More > or culture -- I'd never even heard of Emmett Till.< Less
Please Kill the Neighbours By Brian Wakeling
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Most nuisance neighbours can be dealt with by a court order. When your neighbour is a country ruled by an evil wizard, we recommend a demon. Of course, you need someone ... disposable ... to summon... More > the damn thing. Meet Cullan and his companions, Alys and Kenyon, and follow their adventures when they're blackmailed into escorting Morgan, a gifted young mage, into a hostile country so that she can fulfil her Destiny.< Less
Cyanide Kills Rats By Rich Eubanks
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“Would you just shut up?” Karen yelled at Jim as she came out of her room and rounded the corner to come into mine. “What do you mean shut up?” Jim snarled back quickly,... More > hesitated, and then added, “little lady.” Jim’s speech was slurred badly, but I could tell he was mad. “Young lady, I pay the rent here and I’ll be as loud as I want to be!” He was yelling at her at the top of his drunken voice. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the door and got between Karen and him. “You leave my sister alone!” I was as tall as Jim, and at that moment wondered if I weren’t as strong too. “You’re not our father! You only want us here to keep yourself out of jail!” “Why, you little punk…” Tommy and Karen didn’t ask for this life and they’d done nothing to deserve it. Events, beyond their control, had put them in the custody of an alcoholic stepfather. Life isn’t always fair and they just had to find a way to survive.< Less
Be Your Best Do Your Best By Robert Re
Paperback: $10.50
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In this small volume, I have endeavoured to pass onto you some powerful, simple truths that have helped me, and I hope will help anyone reading it, to lead a more meaningful and deliberate life. Be... More > your best in order to do your best in life.< Less
You're Right Where He Wants You By Tonya Morgan-Moore
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This book is about the moment I decided to stop running from God. It starts at the beginning when I was just a little girl, and the moment I realized that I was different. The moment my life started... More > turning upside down. The trials and tribulations I face that should've broken me, but God continued to keep me. When I prayed to God to just take me, rather than continue to feel the hurt, and how God held me in spite of. How God loved me when I didn't love myself. Relationship hurt from people that I gave my heart to. Lastly, the moment when I finally gotten tired of running from God, and decided to run to him.< Less
I Know You! You're That Guy! - A Boy's Own Adventure By Peter Sellen
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From choirboy, to seven years in the Royal Australian Navy, to thirty five years in the Adelaide, South Australia media, on radio and television, "I Know You! You're That Guy!" is a unique... More > collection of stories gathered over a lifetime. I am pleased to be able to share them with you. An insight into the fulfilling and unusual life of a mainstream media man, whom thousands have grown up watching and listening to over the years.People of all ages, including many of the younger generation, have often called me a " legend." A title I am happy to accept with due modesty. Enjoy!< Less
When you love yourself...and you're Schizophrenic By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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I was actively seeking a better relationship with the community and dreadfully misidentified. If it weren’t for snaps a better program management system I UN wontedly wouldn’t have... More > shelter. Seeking limited offers to opportunities; Wiley Rowe was of assistance to me and clearly I was approved. I was discovered to be just as mature and matter ably a plus for the neighbor community remembering what I had invested in a housing contract and month to month lease. I thought as though I were required to lose myself and get married. I was introduced to my mothers best friend; laughed distinguishably and vowed to never. It was as if I still was waste and non attentive. I wondered if I had to play the game. My father said Howard Cosell married 6 times and never played the game. I was horrified!< Less
Don't Kill Me- I'm Only the Entertainer By David Schneider
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“Great job, Schneider,” grinned Mike the bartender. “You just pissed off the Mayor…” In his second book, Mr. Schneider recalls adventures fresh out of high school... More > as an entertainer in one of Mid- America’s most popular resort destinations, Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin, offering the same insights and personal observations on life, family, and friendship that readers will recognize from his past writings. From the perspective of much younger days, he seems to have been nurtured by some very, very colorful characters. This is a travel and adventure story. It’s a love story. But mostly it is a tale of great friendship. It is an insider’s view of what tourist town locals do when they are not taking care of you. It is an outlandishly extraordinary personal journey; a coming of age in the end, perhaps much like yours.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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