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Can You Hear Me? Who is She? By Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi
Paperback: $11.99
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Book One: Can You Hear Me? The bombing of an American Embassy was no terrorist act. It was an inside job, and it took out the wrong people. Kelly was told her husband, Ancil, was killed in this... More > bombing, yet she continues to hear his voice in her head that he is alive. A reporter, Aimee, helps Kelly find out if he is dead or alive. Revenge was swift and sweet. Second Book: Who is She? Marty’s wife disappears which haunts him when he and his sister, Nan, continue to see a woman who looks like Marty’s wife, but obviously isn’t. Nan’s husband was killed which turned both of their lives upside down. When Nan’s husband, a businessman, was invaded in his own business by armed hooded, terrorist; this sets off a chain reaction of motion with a force of endless energy seeking a quick resolution. Marty and Nan move in together to find answers to their painful life.< Less
Scan Me By Mick Winter
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Everybody's Guide to the Magical World of QR Codes Imagine you could hold your mobile phone up to an image, and magically summon any information you wished. You see a movie poster and wonder if the... More > movie is worth seeing. Zap! You're watching the movie's trailer. You see a restaurant menu and wonder about the food. Zap! You're reading reviews from people who ate there. You're at a subway stop. Zap! You're seeing the actual arrival time of the next train. You see a magazine ad for a product and want to buy it. Zap! You've placed the order. How does this magic happen? With something called a QR Code. If you have a business or non-profit organization, you absolutely want to know how to use QR Codes. This book will tell you how you can use them in your marketing to attract, assist, hang on to and increase your customers. If you want to know how to make them and use them for personal or educational use, you'll learn that, too. They're free. They're fun. They're useful. Why not start now?< Less
Why Me? By Fritz Gunter
Paperback: $12.99
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"Why me?" It is the cry of the pitiful and lonely, and if you've ever wanted a good answer to it, here it is! 100 answers with 100% original caricatures answering the question... More > "Why me?". They're funny because they're true!< Less
Hear Me By Sallie Latch
Paperback: $19.50
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(4 Ratings)
Hear Me is a rare collection of interviews with Iranian, Syrian, Pakistani, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees, Greek nationals, and international volunteers of the refugee crisis. Whether it’s a... More > 19-year-old Syrian who refuses to kill anyone, a poor Greek housewife, or a disillusioned ex-U.S. Marine, all suffer in a geo-political world indifferent to their cries for peace and justice. As you read their stories in their own words, you will feel deeply their struggles to survive. You will marvel at their resilience when all odds are against them. You will rejoice to learn of those who ease their pain. You will experience a deep connection to these heroes that will reach for your soul and stay there.< Less
Pieces of Me By Crystal Jones
Paperback: $6.00
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Pieces of Me is the first project by Crystal Jones. You could say that it has been years in the making. These works are literally "Pieces" of her. Filled with her logic, insight, thoughts,... More > aspirations, emotions, sarcasm and most importantly heart. A blend of life and poetry that you'll most definitely enjoy. . . and once you're finished you will definitely be hungry for the next piece.< Less
Beware of Me By Poppy Hollingworth
Paperback: $14.99
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You may know about Queen Victoria. But you don't know about her sister, who would do anything to take Victoria's place. Murder, a twisted love triangle, and the gradual drift towards insanity all... More > lead to the secret tale of Irene. Beware of Me brings forth the untold story of a woman's desperate attempt to re-write history...< Less
Pity Me Not By Sarah Flowers
Paperback: $16.00
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Kate called Security to make sure Heidi left the Estate peacefully. She might try to destroy her guest house then she’d have to destroy her. “Kate, I’ll go,” Hart stated... More > wanting to keep an eye on the tramp. “You will do no such thing! Its best you’re not alone with her, she’s liable to yell rape! The help has moved you and Glenn in here for time being. You can have Study #2 here as your office.” “Kate…I can’t do that,” he groaned. Prude spoke up, “Mr. Stoneridge if you’re worri-ed we’re trying to trap you, forget it. I don’t need or want you or your money. I happen to have more than you! Glenn the poor kid is sound asleep in my room. Tonight he stays tomorrow make your own damn arrangements! Good-night Katy-Dee, I love you,” away she went. Hart stared after her, “Who the hell is that torn-ado? Guess she told me off, huh? Is she rich?” “Yesss…she told you off, huh! Yes she’s rich! You’d be shocked if you knew who that tornado is!” “Are you telling me?” “Nooo…”< Less
Unravel Me By M.A. Rivers
Hardcover: List Price: $28.96 $21.72 | You Save: 25%
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“Haunting, real, and quite an erotic insight into the mind of someone you're not going to read some vague description about in any Young Adult novel.” Enter a new era of poetry from the... More > mind and life of M.A. Rivers, discussing her struggle with depression, relationships, and view the inside of her romantic life all locked away within these very pages. This book is meant so you don’t need to read in order. You don’t even have to read the whole thing. It can be a book you take with you on adventures or to a quiet place. It is a book where you can flip to a random page and read something that may be completely surprising to you. Whether it be short lines, narratives, poems, or thoughts, each piece is filled with thoughts and emotions that she has bled onto these sheets of paper to share with you.< Less
OCCUPY ME By Chiwendu Okenwa
Paperback: $19.90
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OCCUPY ME is about freedom, it will not only help the reader break free from a bad habit, it will release you from verbal cage. Some believe they can’t avoid the destructive path, even when... More > they knew the result. They are trapped into a self-defeating mindset—“I know I’m doomed, but what can I do about it?” Of course you can break free but not until they able to see through the mind games they play. We play this game because once we break out of the verbal cage; we will have to admit that we had the power to do it all along. That scares; a person who frees himself from a habit that has occupied his life for years can be terrified of having to admit that he wasted a large part of his life. This book promotes HNH. It’s easier to move-on a Healthy New Habit than to get rid of the old one. Trying too hard to break free is a recipe for failure. As long as you’re focused on the Old Habit, you’re like a soldier fighting with one hand tied behind his back. It will take you back and forth to refocus you on the moment.< Less
Rescue Me By Paul Gaughan
Paperback: $11.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Rescue me is a guide to selecting, training and living with a rescue dog. Rescue dogs need gentle introductions and re-assurance. Some of these dogs need special care and rehabilitation. The... More > author’s methods are based on setting up and maintaining a relationship with your dog. The book examines common domestic situations from the dog’s perspective and gives advice on how to maintain a standard of obedience on a daily basis by implementing simple rules and exercises. This book will teach you how to tap into your dog's innate behaviours and expand his learning potential.< Less

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Lamb of God Lamb of God By Julie Holden
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