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Vagabonds Vol. 2 No. 1 By Nameless Ghosts
Paperback: $6.29
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Released on March 15, 2013. Physical copies are available upon request and are free. Next call for submissions will be around the May/June area. Check the website for more info including: Guidelines,... More > what we’re looking for, what we take and if you have any questions, just let me know! Vagabonds is a Creative Arts anthology. We accept photography, poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and digital artwork. At this time Vagabonds has been extended to a twice a year venture. Please review our submission guidelines for our next date of open submissions. Our first anthology was released on August 6th, 2012 and has been pushed around the writing scene. We do offer physical copies of the anthology, and they are free. if interested in a physical copy just shoot an email over and we will do our best to ship you a copy. We do offer a digital copy of the anthology in PDF Format. Please view the website archives or email if you are interested.< Less
Listening to The Sun By Tobias Lars
Paperback: $19.95
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"If you're excited about diving into an open inferno of truth and passion that will fire up your heart and aliveness, then you've discovered the right book. Tobias Lars has written an unbridled,... More > uncompromisingly fierce celebration of awakening - original, direct, lively, intense, personal & poetic. The courageous author expresses a take-no-prisoners approach to penetrating honesty and keen revelation. A unique expression of our shared human predicament that rings true on every level." Keith Varnum - author of "The Dream Made Real"."That is quite an amazingly glorious crazy awesome chunk of info...your book...and all that it ignites. Whew! I haven't read something that electrified my being so much in quite some time. Thank you for sharing it with me. It's such a refreshing, nourishing, exciting experience to read such heart-based all inclusive fiery kick ass wisely orgasmic info." Sera Beak- Harvard-trained scholar of comparative Religions and author of "The Red Book"< Less
The Words Unsaid By Alyssa Martinez
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We all have our problems that goes without being said. What do we get out of tearing each other down? Did it make you feel better? I never had anyone to turn to or so it felt as if. 1 house, a big... More > family, a mom, and a dad, and a couple of annoying siblings. What was missing? Why wasn't I happy? I turned to the only thing I knew how to do poetry. The pen, my best friend, the paper, my sidekick. That hollowness you feel, you're not alone. It's okay not to be okay. In this book, I write about family problems, love problems, and problems from within. I write about the healing process and the process of finding yourself. This is a book about healing, hurting, and surviving all at once. Join me on my journey of self-exposure and happiness. To finally feel the void and feel content within.< Less
Hair Loss in Women...Getting to the Root of the Problem 2nd Edition By melanie vonzabuesnig
Paperback: $19.95
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More than empathy and compassion, women experiencing hair loss want information! My own hair loss experience prompted me to research every aspect so I could empower and educate other women. As I... More > wrote about the causes and cures, it became evident how intimately connected the entire system is. Hair loss is not an isolated problem. It’s part of the whole you. Most importantly, I learned that many female hair loss conditions can be reversed or improved. This book identifies the causes and types of hair loss, including medical conditions in which hair loss is a symptom. Many successful natural therapies are discussed. If you're a woman experiencing hair loss you’ll relate to my story and to the other women who shared their stories. This book is both intimate and informative. It’s written in an easy-to-read style that educates and inspires women wanting to improve the quality of their hair.< Less
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Honest adviser with a London investment bank and then the crash and I’m shown the door. The shock must have curdled my brain, because I now find myself in partnership with a neurotic control... More > freak called Howard in a detective agency in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes! I ask you! Wistfully gazing out the window with a cup of awful coffee, a sad ineffectual-looking little guy appeared at the door, begging my help. His garden was being eaten by his neighbour’s goats and he had reached the end of his tether. Torn between irritation and sympathy, directed him to a nearby solicitor. Then all hell broke loose. That night his neighbours were viciously murdered and poor old Mr ‘Sad’, real name Tomlinson, had been charged with murder. And now Howard had agreed to my taking on work for a bent solicitor, working for a local crook. Both cases were going belly up and someone’s out to kill me. What a way to start a new career!< Less
Kevin Wayne St.Clair/What Really Happened? By Marion Rosser
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This is a 14 year old unsolved case of murder by a 12ga.shotgun?? on the Bedfrd. Side of the Blue Ridge Pkway near the Arcadia exit.To my knowledge Kevin Wayne St.Clair, was last seen alive by... More > Shannon South,her Mom,and brother Willie. At the Funeral Home Willie cried really hard,whereas Shannon was more worried about the cross around Kevin's neck. It was classified as suicide, but there are way too many questions,typo's and a negligent investigation. M.Hurt & myself were both told to leave it alone by the orig. investigator.!?(Detective Gardner) I have several pages in this book which are the same. I feel the more times they are looked at,read and questioned is very important to solving this COLD CASE!!!I saw the entry wound beneath my son's chin. No shotgun did this. He didn't commit suicide, he was Killed. I"ll believe this until I die. Opinions welcomed. He also had a bruise(Trauma)to his midsection. Begging, Please help me solve this crime, I believe it was done by someone he knew. Kev Momma Loves You.< Less
YOUNG BLOODS : A Teen vampire love story & adventure By W. Shane Wilson
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NEW TEXT ADDED 4-29-12 MARIANNA is a 700 year old vampire with a 17 year old sexy hot body and a gentle way. She take Xane Sin as her lover and makes him 17 again and a vampire,only he changes even... More > more his eyes turn white and so does his hair. Xane's mysterious past will not die however. Enter Ajax the vampire hunter who wants Xane dead. Misto is the best true life wizard in all the world and he will win the heart of a mean vampire girl after she is severly beaten and bled out. The Cats are loyal to only Marianna and they jump Xane and he nearly dies fighting them.Sir Tomas Key is the irish living Juggernaut and Xane's best friend, his girl Belladonna is a seer and cannot be lied to; she witnesses Xane killing other Vampires so he bites her inner thigh and takes her blood and makes her his familiar; Tomas is not happy let me tell you. Wait there is way more, Mire the anceint evil comes and steals the lovely girls, starting a supernatural manhunt< Less
Not Just Another Book About Love - The BOOK about LOVE By T. C. Aeelah
Paperback: $15.56
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If there is one theme that puzzles almost everyone it is the theme of Love. That’s why it has also puzzled me, ever since I can remember. This is a book about all of the colours of love,... More > ranging from what it seems to be, to what it truly is. It focuses on what kills love - on the process of falling in love and then on what expands love - on the process of rising in love. Many contemporary and controversial themes come up throughout the book, providing new perspectives on dating, loving, marriage and divorce, child rearing, the feminine and the masculine within each person and in society in general, sexuality, sensuality, attraction, passion and much much more. I have only one recommendation: read with your heart and let your head rest for a while as you absorb these pages. The head cannot comprehend love. It is a thing of the heart. Note: Read this book at your own risk.The author takes no responsibility for any profound changes in your relationships and sex life.< Less
An August in Warsaw By Randy Komraus
Paperback: $16.50
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Although the title suggests otherwise this book has absolutely nothing to do with either Warsaw, Poland or the month of August. Instead it’s a satirical look at a small Midwestern town in the... More > late 60’s and early 70’s. This book depicts bizarre behavior to the extent that I didn’t feel it was necessary to state that the story was based on fictional characters. I’m assuming anyone who thought this book was about them is currently either in therapy or taking copious amounts of recreational drugs. If you don’t normally read fiction consider reading it to use as an operator’s manual on how not to screw up your life. Reviews from the books characters: Amos: “I intend to sue for defamation of character.” Bernadette: “I think Ron is just misunderstood. I think basically he’s a good person. However, I feel it’s important to note that I’ve known him for less than a year.” Grandpa: “This kid will end up killing me.” Buttons the cat: “I will have my revenge.”< Less
I was SLAIN By br kirk
Paperback: $2.86
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This is a true account of my personal experiences with the Holy Spirit and meant to encourage others to seek the Lord with all their hearts to participate in the power given to us by God. The Bible... More > says that we are to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit and try to excel in those that build up the church. To do this you have to believe that the Holy Spirit exists. This is why I have shared such personal encounters to help the reader seek knowledge regarding these gifts and come to know that all things are possible with God. He loves us and longs to spend time with us. Most people do not believe that such things happen but hopefully my testimony will intrigue them and cause them to search for the truths I have shared. I thought the title "I was Slain" might peak interest causing one to think I was killed in turn causing them to read my book. That is also the reason I chose the deep red. Hopefully the folds in the material will depict the feeling that came over me during one of my encounters with the Lord.< Less

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