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Not Just Another Book About Love - The BOOK about LOVE By T. C. Aeelah
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If there is one theme that puzzles almost everyone it is the theme of Love. That’s why it has also puzzled me, ever since I can remember. This is a book about all of the colours of love,... More > ranging from what it seems to be, to what it truly is. It focuses on what kills love - on the process of falling in love and then on what expands love - on the process of rising in love. Many contemporary and controversial themes come up throughout the book, providing new perspectives on dating, loving, marriage and divorce, child rearing, the feminine and the masculine within each person and in society in general, sexuality, sensuality, attraction, passion and much much more. I have only one recommendation: read with your heart and let your head rest for a while as you absorb these pages. The head cannot comprehend love. It is a thing of the heart. Note: Read this book at your own risk.The author takes no responsibility for any profound changes in your relationships and sex life.< Less
An August in Warsaw By Randy Komraus
Paperback: $16.50
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Although the title suggests otherwise this book has absolutely nothing to do with either Warsaw, Poland or the month of August. Instead it’s a satirical look at a small Midwestern town in the... More > late 60’s and early 70’s. This book depicts bizarre behavior to the extent that I didn’t feel it was necessary to state that the story was based on fictional characters. I’m assuming anyone who thought this book was about them is currently either in therapy or taking copious amounts of recreational drugs. If you don’t normally read fiction consider reading it to use as an operator’s manual on how not to screw up your life. Reviews from the books characters: Amos: “I intend to sue for defamation of character.” Bernadette: “I think Ron is just misunderstood. I think basically he’s a good person. However, I feel it’s important to note that I’ve known him for less than a year.” Grandpa: “This kid will end up killing me.” Buttons the cat: “I will have my revenge.”< Less
I was SLAIN By br kirk
Paperback: $2.86
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This is a true account of my personal experiences with the Holy Spirit and meant to encourage others to seek the Lord with all their hearts to participate in the power given to us by God. The Bible... More > says that we are to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit and try to excel in those that build up the church. To do this you have to believe that the Holy Spirit exists. This is why I have shared such personal encounters to help the reader seek knowledge regarding these gifts and come to know that all things are possible with God. He loves us and longs to spend time with us. Most people do not believe that such things happen but hopefully my testimony will intrigue them and cause them to search for the truths I have shared. I thought the title "I was Slain" might peak interest causing one to think I was killed in turn causing them to read my book. That is also the reason I chose the deep red. Hopefully the folds in the material will depict the feeling that came over me during one of my encounters with the Lord.< Less
Outside Shakespeare By Raymond Powell
Paperback: $11.40
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“We must have seemed a typical nuclear family of the time, those years after the second world war. Mum, Dad, my elder brother Ivor and me. Naturally only Dad went out to work while Mum stayed... More > at home in the traditional role of housewife and mother. Granny came to live with us for the last seven years of her life, so, to be strictly accurate, there were five of us, not four. And then, Dad was eventually killed in a car accident, and, later still, Ivor was murdered. So, for these reasons at least, you’d have to say that we weren’t in the end that typical.” This is the beginning of an unusual family history, involving one man’s attempt to understand the brother he scarcely knew. Part of that investigation evokes the complex interactions of the individuals who made up the family, but the search draws on a larger picture of the era of the post-second world war. Finally, the investigation raises, even if it doesn’t resolve, questions about whether his brother’s death was in some sense fated.< Less
Harry Expects A Murder By Neal Enrick
Paperback: $10.99
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After gaining fanfare for cracking the sensational Madison Murder case, Harry Bittercress, a former army MP, sees his private eye career take off. "Good cases are finally comin' my way!" he... More > enthuses to Cardamine, his wife of nearly seven years. She's an American-born, Oxford-educated woman of British and Jamaican parentage — atypical for Virginia of the 1950s. But it doesn't end there. When housework is done, she doesn't pick up the Ladies Home Journal; she pores over literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical science journals. Oh, and did I mention she makes a living as a psychic reader and advisor? Like I said: atypical. Cardamine counterbalances Harry's street smarts and roughhewn gumshoe work with her keen intellect and encyclopedialike knowledge. He's going to need her help when an oddball case comes in over the transom: solving a murder that hasn't happened yet! His client calmly states, "Someone's going to kill me. Afterwards, I want you to catch him."< Less
Battle Scars By Emma M. Lagan
Paperback: $14.95
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"So I take it I'm not getting any tonight?" That WOULD be the first thing he says to me when he finds out we're locked in a room together. So even with "No" for an answer, how is... More > it I find myself in bed with him, falling harder with every passing second?--Battle Scars: A collection of eighteen short stories ranging from witty to serious to simply adorable, each with it's own happy ending. Light, easy reading perfect for a variety of moods, with each character as unique and lovable as the next. Go ahead and read. Fall in love. Take a chance. I dare you. (includes Battle Scars, My Personal Human Thermos, The Rest of Forever, All I Want for Christmas, The Asshole, Forever and a Day, Waking Up, Gorgeous, Cupid's Candy Messages, the Summer of Austen, Butterfly Kiss, Aaron O'Conner, Ain't No Princess, Impulse, Not So Prince Charming, The Challenge, Definitely not a Mistake, and Catching You)< Less
Twelve Days By Cary Smith
Paperback: $11.06
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On the First day of Christmas Allan Townend, the Chief Constable, discovered an oven-ready Partridge from Waitrose wrapped in festive paper on his doorstep at home. On the Second day, having been... More > to watch a local football match, David Lavender, the Deputy Chief Constable, found a card depicting two doves glued to his windscreen. On the Third day another senior police officer had three eggs thrown at his front door. Then as the sequence unfolded in accordance with the centuries old rhyme, five gold coloured curtain rings arrived in a jiffy bag, seven swans were poisoned on the Brayford in Lincoln, and then a magistrate was just one of many subjected to a childish prank, before the whole episode took a dark sinister turn. Should you be eagerly looking forward to a tale about a jolly old fat bearded bloke in a red suit with a few reindeer, you’re going to be mightily disappointed. On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…a dead body. Lincolnshire Murder Mystery No 6< Less
Oblique Perspective By Stephen Stirk
Paperback: $17.51
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'Oblique Perspective', is a journey into my first full volume of Comedy Rhyme. Nothing is quite as it seems in the eyes of a comedy poet. My goal as a writer is to examine the normality of everyday... More > situations, and inject a little farce. Few people are immune from the healing qualities of laughter. I feel sure that readers will find a little of themselves or acquaintances within the pages of 'Oblique Perspective'. This volume contains the majority of my poetry old and new, together with a selection from my previous publications.You will also find a large selection of hilarious Yuletide rhyme, as Christmas is never far from my mind. I am a Merseyside U.K. based poet. Merseyside has a rich diversity of cultures. Our earthy humor is derived from the unique ability to laugh at ourselves before inflicting it on others. So journey with me, and drink from the crystal clear restorative waters of the river Mersey.If you're still alive after that, then why not read the book?< Less
Detention Class 3 By Teresa Joseph
Paperback: $11.79
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Third extra-long booklet set in fantasy school for adult girls, orgy of depraved girl on girl bullying, abuse and sex-play (with men too) I’ve ever read. It could only come from a real girl; no... More > man could ever dream of such fiendishly ingenious cruelties and subtle humiliations! Excerpts: “Knickers down and lay across my knee then girl.” “It Was Pussy Juice!” “Now then girl.” asked the teacher as she deliberately rammed even harder. Claire nodded eagerly. “Suck it bitch!” Chuckling at the girl’s impotence, Emma slowly bathed her hand in the warm sweet juices pouring from her horny pussy. “Please Emma!” “Good Girl! Good Girl!” Continued Emma. Claire also refused to stop. “You’re a good girl aren’t you?” Claire nodded reluctantly. “I need twenty girls to help me teach this girl a lesson!” Unsurprisingly, about a third of the girls watching put their hands up. As it turned out, the girls were right to wait. Smiled the Matron. Pony Girl!” Melody was truly a pony girl.< Less
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