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Anas Luqman: The Man NOI asked to kill Malcolm X By Ital Iman
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Preface and introduction by -Bismark Kamdem This book is about the first man nation of Islam ask to kill Malcolm X It is about the man who became his closest confidant His name when he was with... More > nation of Islam was Anas Luqman An assassin for hire, it tells of his adventure with Fidel Castro and Alberto Bayo his military trainer And many more adventures, he was asked to assassinate the Chilean leader Salvador Allende,this book is about a man who lived his life in the shadows like a ninja and never got caught he is known as the one who got away, until this day journalist, film makers etc. still seek him out, I was the only one found worthy to hear his story, and this book only touch on it, but I know one other source he entrusted what he wanted them to know, that source came to seek me out, that story is in this book, manning marble was turned down only to die days after, that story is also here, what you have is the force being the brilliance behind Malcolm X< Less
Let Us Live While We're Living By Caley Kurchinski
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This book was made to be a means of inspiration for my artwork. It turned out to be a reminder of how blessed I am to have such fantastic people in my life. This book never would have been made... More > without the unwavering support of my friends, family, and everyone looking down on me from above. A special thank you to Cindy for always protecting me. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all more than words can express. -Love Caley< Less
You Are Enough By Josh Putnam
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Do you ever feel like you're not enough? Like you never measure up? Do you find it difficult to connect deeply with others and feel heard and seen? If you're like me, and millions of others, you... More > probably have some deep-seated beliefs about yourself. That you aren't enough. That you have to earn love and acceptance. And maybe you're burning yourself out trying to do that. But the truth is that you can't earn your worthiness of love and acceptance and connection. It has always been inside of you and it always will be. I suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life and the most powerful tool I found to heal is love and connection. But in order to accept love, I had to believe I was worthy of it. I had to stop chasing my worth and start accepting that I am already, and always, enough. My goal is to convince you that you are enough, too. That you are always enough. For love. This 56-page full-color illustrated book is a quick 10-minute read for those times you need a quick pick-me-up.< Less
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Relationships: Is He into Me or Not? By Marilyn Kendrick
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Are you frustrated with men? Do you know if the man you're dating is really mature? Most women do not have a clue to understanding men. They do not even know where to begin. How can you tell if the... More > guy you're dating likes you or not? How do you know if he is falling in love with you? How do you know if you’re the right woman or if he's just using you for sex? How do you know when the relationship is over? You will uncover the answer to all these questions and more! Every woman should know where she stands in a relationship. It's easy for a woman to say what she wants from a relationship, but knowing what you do not want will save you from unnecessary heartache.< Less
Me, My Life, and I By Morgan Fearing
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This book is about family, living in the moment, and knowing for sure that you're never alone. It's a great read. I thought it'd take longer to compose a book like this but all you really need to do... More > is put together all the documents you ever made. Writing a book is highly recommended.< Less
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People Like Me By Charmain Ingleton
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I was born of mixed parentage in the 1960’s, my mum is white and born in England, my dad was from Trinidad he came to this country to help rebuild the motherland. Ignorant people would call... More > them nigger lovers and other derogatory names, but that would not stop my mum from seeing my dad. My friends must have told Don that I fancied him, but he said he wasn’t interested as I was a Paki. He shoved me on the bed, and I wondered what was going to happen next, he looked at me distastefully, and said your not leaving me; I’ll kill you first.< Less
m.e. By allan lloyd trott
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this is for poetry. this is for you. the everyman character is pushed into death, love, loss, cursing God, and searching within to defeat the devil we all carry. under the surface story, the... More > narrative travels spirals of the four seasons, directions, elements, times of day, stages of life, and the levels of consciousness. none of that needs to be known, as the composition is mesmerizing and fulfilling in itself. but if you want to dig, the rewards will never cease for you. the language is music, the overall structure has never been done before, the aim is poignant, and all their combined effect is powerful. you have no idea what you're in for with my little poem. i have been sent here to shatter poetry to the ground so as to allow its growth. as with mankind's view of self. this is my first stone cast. beware when you open this cover.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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