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People Like Me By Charmain Ingleton
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I was born of mixed parentage in the 1960’s, my mum is white and born in England, my dad was from Trinidad he came to this country to help rebuild the motherland. Ignorant people would call... More > them nigger lovers and other derogatory names, but that would not stop my mum from seeing my dad. My friends must have told Don that I fancied him, but he said he wasn’t interested as I was a Paki. He shoved me on the bed, and I wondered what was going to happen next, he looked at me distastefully, and said your not leaving me; I’ll kill you first.< Less
Me and Chairman Mao By Jason Barbacovi
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Lately, it seems like China is all we hear about. How China will crush the rest of the world economically, demographically, and possibly even militarily, if their pollution doesn't kill off the... More > entire West coast first. That's all well and good, but what's everyday life in China really like? When Jason Barbacovi moved to Beijing, he had no idea. However, after stumbling into a $60-an-hour job that involved nothing more than reading words into a microphone, discovering that waiting in line can be a contact sport, and paying to have a live chicken fed to a pack of ravenous tigers, he discovered that the answer is nothing like you think …< Less
Me & My Conditions By JOHN L. BISOL
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Got a “tummy-ache?” Feeling a bit “under the weather?” I’ll trade you one of my “conditions” for your lone ailment. I’ve watched the television... More > commercials and learned how “devastating” a “Touch of Diabetes” can be to a family. I can certainly relate to that – after 33,603 personal insulin injections. I can (also) empathize with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease – got that), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure – almost killed me this year); Carotid Artery Blockage (Moderate on one side); Aortic Stenosis – that one runs in the family; Colon – you name it, I got it – problems; and don’t forget the lung diseases, I particularly enjoy gasping for breath. (This is just a summation.) Yet, here I am, banging out a book detailing the (physical) answers to “What’s wrong with you?”< Less
They Call Me Numbskull By Justin Robertson
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The bullet in his head didn't kill him, but he lost his memory. Numbskull, a man who must find his way home, and stop the criminal mastermind that ruined his life. Numbskull is numb from... More > the chin up, so his head becomes his weapon of choice. He finds out that the criminal mastermind has his family under his little drug spell, but with a blank mind, and the police against him, his chances are slim. Will Numbskull get his life back? Will he ever get his memories back? Find out when you read this roller coaster ride that will pull you in by your nostrils and spit you back out on the floor! This book is not for kids.< Less
Say Hello to me By Darshaun McAway
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In his most controversial book yet, author and renowned motivational speaker, Darshaun McAway, re-evaluates issues men need to know in order to have the woman they want. Most men have been oppressing... More > women for years. Some men only even look for answers that will help them convince a woman that they are good enough to sleep with. This book will guide you back to the foundation of yourself before you attempt to approach any particular woman. It also conveys the fundamental issues and conflicts of progressive and non-progressive single men. I know most men think they know everything about women, but let me ask you this: How can you know a woman when you don't know yourself?< Less
Take Me Out By Martyn Clayton
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Lauren Seymour enjoys a well-ordered existence. Passing her time in York she likes nothing better than the occasional crisp sandwich, reality TV, listening to her CD collection and ignoring the... More > advice of her big gay housemate. An early morning phone-call suddenly shakes her out of her comfortable groove. How do you react when the odd guy you once tried to avoid befriending whilst at university claims that you are now the only person on the planet who could possibly help him ? When that man has been pulled half alive out of the icy-cold waters of the River Ouse after attempting to kill himself you might feel obliged to at least see what you could do. What she discovers in the 32 year old Robert P.Gorman is a man who has kept the ashes of his dead granny under his bed for ten years, and who hasn’t bought an item of clothing for a similar length of time. Yet he doesn’t seem completely beyond redemption. Could Lauren be the one to rescue Robert ?< Less
Getting to Know Me By Amanda Egan
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Penny seems to have the perfect life. A fantastic job on a country manor estate with lodgings thrown in and a fit boss who's more like a friend. Everything about her is highly organised. Except for... More > affairs of the heart. When conventional methods fail, how far is she prepared to go to find herself a husband? At the risk of jeopardising her friendships – and indeed her livelihood – can she learn to listen to her heart rather than her head to discover that ... ... love is what happens while you're busy making other plans?< Less
Fool Me Twice By Hope Destiny
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1 Corinthians 15:33 says Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals." other words be mindful of the company you keep. Oh my my my. Faith has been in the midst of some really... More > bad company. The devil came to kill steal and destroy Faith and those she loves and they have opened up their doors to let him have free reign to do so. What if everyone who you loved and trusted are nothing but liars and deceivers ? Faith's husband Clint betrayed his vows he made to her and to God Faith's cousin Toya is the jessabelle of all jessabelles Faith's father who she thought was a man of God has been working for the devil from the pulpit Faith's brother is walking a path,of destruction that could only lead him to,jail or Hell Faith's mother...her sweet darling mother.. horns have finally started to show. Faith's father in law ain't no better than her father and husband. God put no more on you than you can bear but what if the burden is too heavy?< Less
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Just Tell Me More By Eric Gilboord
Paperback: $19.95
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Take the mystery out of marketing and grow your business. Written especially for entrepreneurs with little or no marketing experience. Regardless of your size or industry this book will work for you.... More > If you’re a start-up or start-down (selling your business) or simply a hard working business owner/operator with a passion to take your established business to the next level this book is for you. ‘Just Tell Me More’ is marketing focused and filled with stories, tips, advice, checklists and ideas in plain language. You’ll get comfortable with traditional and new media marketing, sales, customer service, management, idea generation, business growth and more. This is a guidebook. Read the stories and apply the tips daily. The truth is there are no shortcuts to marketing your business. No get rich quick, silver bullet answers. It’s about a lot of small wins that when added up become a big win based on an investment of time and consistent effort. Start with one little win and grow from there.< Less

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