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Radishes By Ricky Garni
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This latest work is far more casual in content than in times past, including letters not originally intended for publication, but upon review, the author thought: Why the hell not? Beyond the... More > epistolaries, lotsa food, which is more usual, including but not limited to chocolate, pancakes, waffles, Milky Ways, sweet potatoes (or yams if you prefer), fish and plastic fish, Fizzies, Potassium Citrate, mangos, pizza, piazzas and chukkas, the latter of which you can only eat at times of extreme stress, but why you would do that, I don't know. If you know, send me a note. My address is: Ricky @ 105 Fidelity Street Apt. B-35 Carrboro, North Carolina 27510. Don't forget to include the apartment number. The mailman can get really testy if there is no apartment number listed.< Less
Ogoego By Ricky Garni
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OGOEGO working titled as LET THE LITTLE SILVER MAN CARRY YOUR GRAVY, but a fortuitous trip to Manhattan & then to midtown and then to an art gallery and then to a Bloody Mary and then to the... More > Lego Store armed with a camera resulted in an image that demanded to be made into a title and that the title demanded to adorn a book – but this really turned out to be good news. God Bless the Brains of Lego for what they do and Lego Pieces for what they are ... I believe they were originally made by the Vikings.< Less
Wander By Ricky Garni
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I WONDER If someday English will run out of words and they will duplicate all the words and divide them in two dipping half of them into chocolate cream shape accent marks and add them back to the... More > old words and make them new again.< Less
Paperback: $9.99
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an episodic roux sifted and stirred from odd bin shows from the '50s to the '90, but mostly, frankly, the 50's. Free roboty images therein.

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