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Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 2 Issue 5 10 October 2009 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
In this issue, we prominently feature Airsoft in Chile, its origins, development, and growth. It is fitting to start with Chile as it has one of the best developed airsoft communities in the region.... More > Frank Malca, known as OldSchool, now tries his hand on writing for us. He is also the founder of Airsoft Panama, which is basically a growing airsoft community but surely is doing its tasks well. He is ably assisted here by Magololo of Airsoft Santiago, who we shall see to be giving us more stories in the future in cooperation with OldSchool.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4 24 September 2009 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
In this light of old and new, we present airsoft gun reviews of the past, present and future; the new and not so new. We also have new gear reviewed, and we present to you the longest article written... More > for the Magazine so far. So to start with, we have Mamba, who sometimes you see that has an article in the magazine, and sometimes you don't. He has submitted his story on his devotion to the Kong Power battery charger and balancer. This is not a new story as his original draft was already posted at various airsoft forums, here and abroad. Though we carefully edited some of the portions to ensure there is some consistency without wrecking the spirit of his article. Optimus Prime and Master Chief review two ACM items, a bag and a bipod. What's so special about these? For Optimus Prime, the ACM copy of the Maxpedition Remora bag is a well built bag that he can use as his camera bag when he goes on shooting missions, while for Master Chief some frustration with retracting the bipod tossed to him to review.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 2 Issue 3 10 September 2009 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
Master Chief starts this issue with his short review on the Armourdillo Masks which are slowly being snapped up by players in Europe. Still a startup business, Lee Ellis takes careful time and... More > attention to his masks to ensure that they withstand the gruelling sport of airsoft, and the quality of his products is one of the best of we have seen, comparable to the Takap Lupa masks. He then writes about his airsoft federation’s annual event, called the Gathering, which they have recently held their third year of running this event for Filipino airsofters in the United Kingdom.< Less
Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2 24 August 2009 By Popular Airsoft
eBook (PDF): $3.92
In this Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2, we break new grounds by presenting to you airsoft in the Middle East. Still a nascent sport in the region, efforts by Filipinos for airsoft to take... More > root are now starting to bear fruit. The Unified Filipino Airsoft Club - Gulf Airsoft Federation (UFAC-GAF) is working hard to expand the sport to the different countries in the Middle East, be it underground, or find some ways for players to find sites to play in. Such as the case of players in the Saudi Arabia who have to drive all the way to Bahrain just to play airsoft. Sounds familiar to the case of the Dutch in Europe.< Less

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