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A Place They Called America By William Panzarella
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The erosion of the Constitution, the anti-American indoctrination happening throughout our schools, the divisiveness tearing the country apart, the government monitoring our conversations and... More > tracking our every move, Islamic extremism, globalization. Are these events that are coincidentally happening at the same or could they all be related? Have We The People lost all of our powers and rights? Are the President and Congress really in charge, or are even they controlled by and beholden to more powerful, outside sources? Is the American dream dead and if it is, can it be revived?< Less
More Common Sense By William Panzarella
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In 1776 Thomas Paine wrote the historic pamphlet Common Sense, outlining the argument for America’s independence. All these years later our Nation is overdue for some More Common Sense. The... More > Government is out of control, spying on its citizens and disregarding the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lobbyists buy our leaders votes, influencing our everyday lives. Our brave servicemen and women are often not being given the adequate care they need and deserve. The media conceals critical stories and has become a propaganda machine. The Middle Class is being erased. Wall Street is awash in corruption and scandals and can take the entire economy down at any moment. Our democracy is being destroyed. We must act now, before it is too late. We must give the power back to the People and restore out great Country. We cannot fail or it will not be just us who suffer the consequences, but also generations to come.< Less
Julie-Ann's Journey By William Panzarella
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In 2007, what became known as “The Great Recession” began. But twenty-five-year-old Julie-Ann Crown never felt the pinch. Her father was the CEO of a major financial firm and thanks to... More > the Wall Street bailouts, his company managed to weather the storm. Wrapped in a bubble of limousines, private jets, penthouses, and Monopoly money, Julie-Ann was isolated from the hardships the rest of the country had to endure. But after a personal incident, Julie-Ann takes stock of her young life and decides to travel across America to see how the other half lives. The people she meets along her journey will forever change the way she sees the world. She will learn the true meanings of both adversity and resilience and that the backbone of the United States does not reside on Wall Street or in Washington D.C., but rather across the vast heartland of America.< Less
American Horse By William Panzarella
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American Horse is an epic story of the life of Frank Keller. Raised during the Great Depression, he became a man on the battlefields of Europe during World War II. Part of the Greatest Generation, he... More > returns home to the unprecedented expansion, prosperity and status of a new America. However, in years to come, he will live through the most trying times the country has seen since the Civil War. Frank and his family will not make it through the strife and tumult unscathed. A pillar of the community, a man forged of integrity and hard work, Frank descends on a dark journey and will be forced to face his own demons.< Less

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Rabbit Run Rabbit Run By Debby Morber
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