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Once Upon a Spell; "Faerie in the box", Issue #1 By Tenacious Divas
eBook (PDF): $8.75
Little Jenni-Lora has never been so sad in her life. Her parents have gotten divorced and she had to move far away from his magician father- The Great Zauber! Jenni makes a wish after a strange... More > dream and suddenly she is back at her father's and her stuffed bunny Nectar has come to life. Jenni begins on an adventure to save the world of magic and return the belief in imagination to everyone. It begins with a faerie in a box and where it takes one can imagine.< Less
Dawn of the Scurries By Tenacious Divas
eBook (PDF): $0.00
When hell is full, dead squirrels shall walk the earth. The zombie apocalaypse is upon us and the world is in panic. Accusations are flying as questions mount over the cause of the outbreak. One... More > brave and unlikely hero, Pickle A. Squirrel tell the truth in this shocking tale.Do you dare believe? Warning...this book is not intended for children.< Less
Madness Trilogy Book One: "We're All Mad Here" By Tenacious Divas
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Faerie tale history of the Saints Fae legends told in this "Wonderlandish" called Mystikahl. Join Alice Della Rocco as she is swallowed by a tree and dropped into an adventure that... More > she'll never forget! Join the heirarchy of the Saints of Fae as they romp through daisy patches, wrestle giant gummy worms and fight to save their world from possible destruction at the hands of...the betrayer!< Less
Crown of Thieves Book One: "Whispers from the Woods" By Tenacious Divas
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Did you ever want to know what really happened in Nottingham and why Sherwood Forest was so notorious? Join us in the first installment of the Saints of Fae series new saga: Crown of Thieves. Join... More > the Midnight Society, led by a very young Robyn Hood and see how it all began. How Robyn and Marian became the legendary they and a small group of friends fought against evil magic, tyrants, war drafts and prophecies to stay together. Sherwood Forest.< Less

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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