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Dark Places By Ember Pepper
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Sal is a simple man shoe-repairman. There's really nothing special about him - except for the simmering hate he feels towards the man who killed his wife and daughter. But when he finds himself... More > falling into a Wonderland of the likes even Alice could never imagine, he finds himself not only trying to figure out how to get home, but also what this strange, new world is trying to tell him about himself.< Less
A Winter Wind By Ember Pepper
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Early in the 20th Century, John H. Watson receives a strange letter from an old acquaintance. Using only his notes from a previous case, along with the personal journal of his friend, the doctor... More > proceeds to patch together a moving tale of his friend's childhood where tragedy, lost opportunity, and self-denial make up the soul of the great Sherlock Holmes.< Less
Only a Violet From My Mother's Grave By Ember Pepper
eBook (PDF): $7.03
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Before he was famous, she knew him. In the red autumn of 1888, secluded by the four walls of her dismal room against the choking air of Whitechapel, Mary Kelly sits to compose a lone letter to a... More > lover long past. But what she creates instead is a clear and moving look at her own life as a servant girl in Yorkshire, and chronicles her all-too-easy descent into the disreputable and unfortunate underbelly of London. At the fore of her memoirs is a startlingly open, deep, and, albeit unconsummated, passionate connection she forges with the introverted young master; a man as ignorant and unskilled in matters of the heart as he would be adept and expert at the art of detection years after Mary had parted ways with him. The fateful night of November 9, 1888 concludes Mary Kelly’s record, and closes with an unexpected but fervent encounter that brings a kindling of hope for a brighter tomorrow; a hope that is doomed by fate and the cold stalking of a mad man widely know as “Jack”.< Less
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Threatened New Yorker By Ember Pepper
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Holmes travels to NY to investigate murder attempts directed at a lawyer but soon discovers the mystery is much deeper. A Study in Scarlet brought them together as partners, but where did they go... More > from there? The following case, left sleeping in the bundle of Watson's undocumented notes, shows the next step in Watson and Holmes' association and takes them to the vibrant but dangerous city of New York.< Less