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Whispering Walls & Voices Past By Jason Shields & Catherine Shields
eBook (PDF): $7.97
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Shuttling between the present and the past, Whispering Walls and Voices Past is a strange, imaginative work of fiction over which there always hovers the shimmering aura of the dream. When... More > Catherine Bannister learns of the death of her uncle and his bequest to her, she little realizes the frightening and hair-raising adventures she has inherited along with her uncle's old mansion. Catherine visits the desolate manor house and soon discovers that she is dwelling on two distinctively separate levels of time. Launched on a backward journey in time, she encounters a world peopled with the ghosts of a former age. The sudden disappearance of her sister provokes Catherine Bannister to investigate the many peculiar nooks and crannies and secret door panels of the old manor. She becomes involved with several malevolent ghosts who plot to destroy her. She is aided by a number of beneficent spirits and familiars who help her out of the various dangers and dilemmas she finds herself in.< Less
Pawology: Palmistry for Cats & Dogs By Jason Shields
eBook (PDF): $11.97
For thousands of years, Palmistry, the study of the lines, shapes and markings of the palm, has been used in personality profiling, foretelling the future and even medical diagnosis. For over 10... More > years, internationally recognized Animal Communicator Dr. Jason Thomas Shields has developed the Science of Pawology, palm reading for cats and dogs. Pawology: Palmistry for Cat’s & Dogs is the first book ever published on the subject of paw reading. Owners will gain a deeper understanding into their pet’s personality, behavior, and thought processes. In addition, Jason discusses your pet’s spirituality, karma and past lives. The book also includes a section on Pawology as it relates to your pet’s health as well as various healing modalities that you can use to instantly promote health and well-being in your pet.< Less
Inspirations From a Disabled Man's Path to Peace By Jason Shields
eBook (PDF): $9.97
"God created me with a disability to help people understand that they should never give up; that this world still has hope. People sometimes look at me and only see what I don't have. But what... More > I don't have in body, I have in Spirit. Through the years of struggle, I managed to find a way to push through the pain, the fear, and the depression. Something within me prevented me from taking my own life. There was a Power that I couldn't see, a Presence I couldn't define, but could clearly feel. This book is a collection of inspirational writings that I have composed over the last ten years of my life, since I made the beautiful discovery that God is within us all and that God's Love is all powerful and transforming. Even though my life has had its fair share of struggles, I have learned to experience the joys of God's beauty and unconditional love. May my life and this work help you, the reader discover that God loves you perfectly and completely, right where you are."< Less
I Know I Am Now! Awakening to God's Reality By Jason Shields
eBook (PDF): $14.95
the Tao is the science of life, of the way in which reality works, then Tantra is the system or the experiment itself where you are the lab. The whole experiment is to be performed by you, within... More > you. This is not a religion; it is a science where no belief is needed. Only your bold daringness to experiment is enough and that is the beauty of the Way. A Christian can practice these techniques. A Muslim can practice these techniques. The Christian through this book will reach a deeper understanding of the Bible. A Hindu can practice the meditations and discover for the first time deeper meanings of the Vedas. This book, like Tantra and the Tao is amoral; it does not ask you who you are or what kind of person you are. Just being a human is enough. Wherever you are in life, whoever you are – you are loved and accepted. Choose a meditation technique which fits you and then vow to put your total energy into it and you will never be the same again.< Less

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