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The Mistresses of Madness By Frazer Stanley
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Hexiya is a strange but extraordinary girl, alone and isolated in a town of mystery and hatred. Her mother is locked in an asylum for killing her father; there is something very wrong with the... More > children at her school. All seems bleak until she makes friends with the new girl in her class. Together they try to unravel the inexplicable. Black insanity stalks the streets, and the Stone Man, malice incarnate, wields the madness like a weapon. It is not until the girls grow up to become women of surpassing beauty that they learn who they are - and what they can do to end a terror that is part of a cosmic struggle.< Less
Winter Flame By Frazer Stanley
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Jane is lost. Unsure of her worth, lacking self-confidence, she sees herself as a mouse - unable to face the stronger wills of those around her, unable to push back against the pressures of the... More > world. Yet beneath her shyness and her doubts she is a remarkable woman: imaginative, reflective, considerate and rich with emotional depth. Her mild and undemanding nature and her wish to please others have made her life difficult. Yet, as she tends the dying embers of an unfulfilling relationship, her essential honesty forces her to search for a better way to live. Without losing her sensitivity or selling out to her fears, she hopes to become more truly herself.< Less
Illusion Against Imagination By Frazer Stanley
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Written in dialogue form, "Illusion Against Imagination" is a work of philosophy, psychology, sociobiology and more. As Scott, the philosopher-hero of the story says: "Come talk with... More > me, my friends, and we'll see what we can learn." A journey of mind, imagination and emotion follows. Subjects explored include: happiness in relationships, self-awareness, escaping social roles, scepticism, self-esteem, deeper understanding of others, intimacy, compassion, intelligence, agnosticism and enlightenment.< Less
Through a Door Backwards By Frazer Stanley
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Safala lives a life of drudgery in a nameless City that she cannot leave. She is hated by the people around her, though she can see no reason for their loathing. She is also unable to remember much... More > of her past, and what remains of her memory is fragmented and distorted. Gradually her affliction is becoming worse; and as nightmare images and sounds rack her, the City around her seems to conspire and change until it becomes a reflection of her broken and despairing mind. Yet, Safala is not entirely without friends, and with these unexpected allies she struggles to free herself from the torment that chases her - whether it is a reality outside herself, a creation of her own mind, or both.< Less

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