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Saga of the Universes: Rise of the Knight By Ross Saunders
eBook (PDF): $3.05
For years Corrina Marvin had the sense the whole world was against her. A freak injury only served to reinforce that sense. Then the Agent came to her, saying that the universe was in trouble and... More > it was all her fault. Dragged out of her life, she finds herself suddenly going from universe to universe—trying to save existence as she unravels the Agent and his mysteries. Ross Saunders is a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer presently residing in Vermont.< Less
The Iscariot Algorithm: Book One By Ross Saunders
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The world of the Iscariot Algorithm is one where humanity is on the ropes and nearly conquered by the machines intended to make life easier. It is in this world that Book One opens on Grey, a broken... More > down product of the Corporation that now controls the world. Recruited by a captivating beauty, Grey joins their effort to strike out at the massive computer entity that dominates all life while confronting his own demons and ghosts. Ross Saunders is a product of the University of Maine at Farmington's Creative Writing program, earning a BFA in Creative Writing there. He presently resides in Vermont where he regularly monitors entropic elements in the world while chronicling tales of amazement and flights of fancy.< Less
Challengers of the Shadow: A Dark Fantasy By Ross Saunders
eBook (PDF): $3.68
For two thousand years, the vampire known as Marc has wandered the Earth—nearly a thousand of them alone. When a former lover calls for him in her last hours, he arrives to learn that his past... More > is returning to haunt him and the hour draws near for him to attend to them. With an adoptive daughter along for the adventure, Marc joins a group of beings gathered together to confront the daemon lord Alu and his mysterious ally, Angelica. As they fight to learn the truth of the events surrounding them, Marc and his companions are forced to acknowledge how interconnected and dependent on one another they actually are over nearly a thousand years of events. Ross Saunders is a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer who currently resides in Vermont, presently developing and writing a variety of projects.< Less
Last Stand For Eternity By Ross Saunders
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Some Gods are kind. Then there are the Gods are entirely too willing to meddle. Some angels are paradigms of virtue. Then there's Daezael, who knows better than believe he is one. Some people are... More > extraordinary. Then there are those like Marielle, who are nowhere near what they seem. Some wanderers are just drifting. Then there's those like Naomi, Eamon and Maria, who are just more lost than they'd like to admit. Then there's Ethan. Who just happens to be there. How do they come together? And what happens when they do?< Less

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