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Soothing Psalms By Mary Cullinane
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This devotional on the Psalms is written to heighten your awareness of the wonderful relationship that is offered to you with God. Some of the chapter titles are: Glory of God's Name, As For Me,... More > When is Enough, Enough?, Protection From Sin, Understanding Truth, He Redeems My LIfe From the Pit, Fullness of Joy. The author delves into the Hebrew meanings of the words so that a richer understanding of the love of God and devotion to Him may be obtained. Hopefully, after meditating on the Psalms, your faith will be increased.< Less
Hmm, So You Have A Problem By Mary Cullinane
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This book is written in a very simplistic manner for the purpose of helping people solve their problems. Sometimes a light will go on in our heads and we will say, "Why didn't I think of... More > that!" Hopefully you will get some answers as you read these simple biblical solutions to many of life's struggles which include depression, root of alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety, insecurity, fear, despair, betrayal, rejection, forgiveness, how to regain trust, lack of commitment, pride, anger, hate, control, dual personality, sexual problems. All these can be overcome by living one day at a time with contentment, peace, harmony, inspiration, wisdom, gentleness, and love which can be obtained by delving into biblical wisdom.< Less