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Enough Rain Makes a River (Includes the Book of Tiles) By walter shawlee 2 & walter shawlee 3.0
eBook (PDF): $6.49
Poetry has certainly fallen on hard times in North America. People used to know Robert Frost, Ogden Nash, Leonard Cohen, or someone else at least casually. Today people know the Coke or Pepsi... More > jingle, or possibly have committed the opening lines of Star Trek to memory. This seems like a very poor literary turn of events. We think that poetry and photography have a special abbreviated power all their own that serves us very well. At this point, however, we certainly wouldn't mind if it was called something else, since it seems to have come into such considerable disfavor with just about everyone. Our experience has been that shorter explanations often seem to be better, which is how these came to be written in this particular way. If a word like "poem" offends you, or makes you feel less of a man, somewhat effeminate and emasculated, then think of these as very short essays or stories.< Less
The Rubber Glove Theory of the Universe and Other Diversions By walter shawlee 2
eBook (PDF): $6.49
These stories are a series of small commando forays into the global bureaucracy of the future, a private look inside the mind of an ancient king, a quick but hopefully cogent explanation of how the... More > universe really works and a field exercise in practical magic. You will get a chance to poke around in the future courtesy of a convenient motel room, die in several very unpleasant ways, and hopefully feel your heart break. You will visit life after death here, encounter voodoo criminals and maybe fall in love with a machine. These are the smiling reflected faces in shop windows that you have always wanted to know more about, and some of the dreams that you had trouble remembering after you woke up. These stories are not exactly science fiction, and not exactly fantasy. They are just how the ideas came out once I started to think about them.< Less
1 boat (the purpose and progress of business) By walter shawlee 2
eBook (PDF): $6.49
This is a book about the why and how of business. There are no lists of snappy one minute shortcuts to success, or how to dress for maximum business effect. This is an explanation of what makes... More > businesses work and fail, and the events and attitudes that make those circumstances occur. It covers upset events, product quality, the true nature of money, and explores every aspect of business ethics. It explains the complicated financial structure of business, and the role of profits. It also provides a detailed look at how business practices have affected the world we live in (not always for the best), and the mutual obligations of employers and employees. It serves as an easy to read and understand reference (and hopefully an illuminating one) for both those who run businesses and those employed by them.< Less
Some Days You Really Need a Good Quote By walter shawlee 2
eBook (PDF): $6.49
This is a collection of exceptionally good quotations that can help you grapple with almost any issue. It is often very useful to read the best thoughts that have been preserved for centuries, as... More > well as often over-looked current ideas that have real merit. These quotations are coupled with a series of color photographs to let you clear your brain while you read, sort of like a sip of mental lemon sherbet between cosmic revelations. This is for everyone that needs a mental lift every so often, and some assurance that the human race definitely has its good moments.< Less

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