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Mystic Moon: The Thrilling Series By Monique Tether
eBook (PDF): $6.49
Get ready for a THRILLING adventure for the entire family! Filled with four books, each targetting a different reading age, Mystic Moon: The Thrilling Series is something for everyone to... More > enjoy! First, for adults and teens, start off with a spooky adventure with ALicia Rendel, a town known horse hater. When a horse named Mystic goes missing and lands up in Alicia's backyard, she would give anything to get rid of it, but a killer is also on the loose, and Mystic may be the only thing that can keep Alicia from being his next victim.< Less
King Of Quatrana By Monique Tether
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The war is over, once again. The world is peaceful, and Jason and Amy decide that have no reason to worry further about anything. But when Mystic and a new evil Drafox discuss Amy's soon to be... More > pregnancy, Mystic knows that Amy is not safe, so Mystic and the Drafox race against the clock to get Amy before she becomes pregnant... Luck is in love, with Mystic's daughter Caramel. But he doesn't know how to confess his love for her, except by becoming her best friend first and making her do the "I Love You's".< Less
Mystic Moon: Le Dernier Chapitre Kelsey Edition By Monique Tether
eBook (PDF): $0.00
It is Twenty years into the future. Quatrana has taken control of the world, and changed it back to its original state from before the war. And animals and humans work together, side by side,... More > sharing the world they live in as one. Our long awaited tale begins and ends with Amy Shade, the former savior of the world, trying to find herself as she dances in bars for tips. Upon finding an old friend, their long journey begins yet again as they set out to avenge a special man, Amy's brother< Less
Mystic Moon By Monique Tether
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Alicia Rendel has lived in fear of horses since she was seventeen years old, and wants nothing to do with them since she was almost killed by a raging wild stallion, which left her without any memory... More > of her life before. Now she must face her fear, because a horse named Mystic may be the only thing to save her from a serial killer who is after her. Mystic is the only one who knows everything about the killer, because he was the killers first victim.< Less