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Brain Software By Pano Kroko
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Leadership, Science, Technology, Software, Innovation, Business, Start Up Thought, Personal Understanding, Philosophy, Thought leadership, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Personal Democracy and the... More > Rise of the Commons.< Less
Gift Economy By Pano Kroko
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Gift Economy is the Natural Ecosystems Services and all human conduct bio mimicking nature... It's a philosophy of being and sharing the all important things in Life: Love, Understanding, Humanity,... More > Compassion and Death or Salvation.< Less
Liberty By Pano Kroko
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Liberty or Death is the Biological essence from the nCambrian Explosion to today to maintain development of healthy Life and the prosperity and continued progress of the human being and spirit alike.... More > We need liberty much like we need Oxygen and yet now we've been denied Liberty at our peril. It is a far more necessary biological condition than just what government s think. the US Bush-Cheney administration abuses of Liberty have left us gasping for air... Obama represents a new hope but can he deliiver more oxugen and life saving Liberty when all the deck is stacked against him? Biology leaves us no other choice but to embrace Liberty if we want to survive as a species...< Less
Democracy By Pano Kroko
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“DEMOCRACY” is an Internet thing. Nobody's Democracy & the rise of the “Nobody” in the Commons is what Dr Pano Kroko defines as the epitome of another Social Movement that... More > was spawned by the rise of everybody anonymously acting in a viciously personal and selfish yet wholly benevolent Social and Economic way. The invisible hand at work in now anonymous and really really powerful. The "Nobodies" can and already are at work shattering the old elites and busily creating new ones. These nobodies led the Arab Spring and the Chinese Spring that is presently brewing and boiling over, that allow us all to escape the bondage of servitude and the darkening Serfdom imposed upon us by the errant Cyclops of authoritarian commerce and government that have led us too far and too deep in the brown waste waters of their inequity. We the “Nobodies” together can alter the political landscapes and create new opportunities and systems. This is the book about Ulysses leading his people out of the proverbial cave of Slavery.< Less