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Virus By Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide
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In a sleepy town called Oraromi, peace and tranquility reign supreme. It is the sort of town where nothing ever happens. That is until a young student who makes a habit of mocking a mad man who... More > wanders around the town is bitten by the man after one such mocking episode. This marks the beginning of a strange illness that sweeps across the town killing many whose bodies simply vanish hours after death. A district police officer and his men investigate this strange phenomenon. Their investigations reveal a deadly secret, vile and evil, that is centuries old which could have grave consequences for Oraromi and the world< Less
Without a Voice By Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide
Hardcover: $39.00
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A work of fiction based on the human trafficking scourge ravaging the world today told from the perspectives of two sixteen year old girls who are forced to leave their home in Iseluku which is a... More > small settlement on the eastern part of Nigeria to serve in the towns and cities to earn a living Ginika and Ifeanyi are forced to leave their homes to serve as domestic helps in the more affluent homes in the towns and cities. The book chronicles a two year service period. Things go al-right the first year. Its the second year that things start to go very wrong when through a queer quirk of fate they find themselves in the hands of several unscrupulous men who force them to sell their bodies for months. Eventually the chance for escape comes and they set out across a land they do not know pursued by men who are now determined to kill them.< Less
The Birth of the Pale Rider By Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide
Paperback: $26.96
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A young boy taken to an eerie forest at the back of his school by some bullies is inadvertently drawn into an alternate reality filled with dangerous creatures and frightening beasts. He meets a... More > talking turtle who he forms a bond with. This turtle sends him back to his own world with the help of some powerful magic. But a great destruction awaits both our world and the alternate reality whose fates are linked. When a set of global catastrophes occur around the globe simultaneous, one of which happens over the boys school, he is taken to a world which is beyond his comprehension and imagination. In a bid to return home he travels across strange lands, evades deadly creatures and frightful witches to return to a home which is on the brink of annihilation. Accompanied by Saworide the turtle, it is a race against time, evil and loss which culminates in shared fate< Less
Konga and the Path to Divinity By Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide
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The third and final part in the Konga trilogy. in this installment, the chains of balance have been destroyed. A dark entity, cruel and benign has been unleashed on the earth realm killing and... More > destroying everything in its path. Konga and Priestess Yetunde set out across the barren wasteland the earth has become to find a way to ignite the true power in the staff of Obatala in order to save the earth and humanity's few survivors from total annihilation.< Less

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