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Petit Vocabulaire Biblique By Graham Jackman
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The 22 chapters that make up this book first appeared in the quarterly magazine Le Héraut du Royaume between 2008 and 2014. The purpose of these articles is to explain some of the words and... More > expressions that appear in the Bible. Bible vocabulary presents a number of difficulties for the modern reader: the Bible is a translated text and modern French lacks exact equivalents to the original Hebrew and Greek. And even in our French version we face language that is sometimes difficult or archaic or uses specialist terms. The greatest difficulty, however, is that the religious language we encounter in the Bible has a deceptive familiarity; it uses words and phrases that are part of the traditional Christian vocabulary, but the meaning that tradition attributes to them is not always that which they originally possessed. It is hoped that this book will help the Bible reader to overcome such obstacles.< Less
The Word Became Flesh By Graham Jackman
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The title of this book, taken from John 1:14, is normally taken to refer to the notion of ‘incarnation’, which understands ‘the word’ as a pre-existent Son of God and... More > ‘becoming flesh’ as the transformation of this ‘word’ from a heavenly, divine existence to the life of a human being. Against this conventional interpretation the author argues that John’s use of the term ‘word’ really does refer to an act of speaking, God’s expression of His will, and that ‘becoming flesh’ describes the realisation or embodiment of His intentions, from creation onward, in a form perceptible to human senses, not only in the ‘flesh’ of Jesus but also in historical reality in the world of men. This has implications for other aspects of John’s Gospel, including its historicity, its literary form, and its relationship to the Old Testament, and leads to very different conclusions about the central issue in John’s Gospel, the person of Jesus and his relationship to God the Father and to those who believe in him.< Less
Re-reading Romans in context By Graham Jackman
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Breaking with the tradition of reading Romans as a theological treatise devoted essentially to ‘justification by faith’, this ‘re-reading’, drawing upon the insights of the... More > ‘new perspective on Paul’, views it as a true letter written to Christians in Rome. It argues that Paul’s prime concern in Romans is the troubled relationship of Jews and Gentiles in the early church, and specifically in Rome, and it seeks to follow the Apostle’s argument and his attempts to bring the separate groups together in unified worship. It also includes a short overview of the early church in Rome, a brief introduction to issues of reading and interpretation, and reflections on the importance of Romans for readers today.< Less
„Das, was du bist, das sei auch ganz“ By Graham Jackman
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Die Brüder Merz und das Dritte Reich

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