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Myself, I Think We Should Keep Collecting Titles (Book 1) By David Reinfurt
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This publication and exhibition have been organized in conjunction with HUM598 Contemporary Art an the Amateur, a graduate seminar investigating the mutual influence between the idea of the amateur... More > and contemporary art; and VIS415 Advanced Graphic Design, a studio course dedicated to the theory, design, and production of design strategies as objects.< Less
Root & Branch By David Reinfurt
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In “Root & Branch,” an exhibition at the Princeton University Art Museum from July 14 – December 2, 2012, curator Joel Smith assembled a collection of artworks and objects... More > around the form of a tree. In its introduction, he describes the tree as a pervasive and fundamental metaphor—the road “branches,” one problem is “rooted” in another. But he also shows how the tree is a tool. The hierarchy, grouping and subdivision implicit in its form can be used as a structuring device for organizing complex information or giving static representation to a dynamic process. A tree’s structure implies this use: as Joel describes, its “splitting paths signify causes and effects, an event and its ramifications.” Collaboratively produced by Diana Shi, Lily Healey, Devin Karbowicz, Erin Byrne and John O’Neill in VIS 415: Advanced Graphic Design at Princeton University in Fall 2012.< Less
PHILIP By Mark Aerial Waller et al.
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FINAL DAYS, 2019 — Philipville is a city of the near future where the connective tissue of society is fruice, protoplasm of a planned obsolescence economy. As a Christmas Day fruice shipment is... More > unleashed on the semi-quiescent residents of the city, Revolution looms. Brifcor organizes the workers. Meanwhile, listening to disaster reports on Channel 23Ω, Cassandra has a vision — a new world glimpsed through a tear in the fabric of reality. Will there be Rapture or Revolution? And does history, like all stories, ultimately have an end?< Less