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De Lafayette Mega Encyclopedia of Anunnaki, Ulema-Anunnaki, Their Offspring, Their Remnants And Extraterrestrial Civilization on Earth. Vol.6 (Final Part) By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $24.51
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Vol.6 (Final Volume). Everything you wanted to know about the Anunnaki’s Civilization in the Ancient World, the genetic creation of Man, and our origin from the beginning of time to the... More > present. The world’s first, largest, most authoritative and complete encyclopedia on the Anunnaki-Ulema, the Anunnaki, their offspring, remnants and extraterrestrial civilization on Earth, from the beginning of time to the present day. Thousands of words, entries, definitions and subjects in English, Akkadian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, Phoenician and languages of the ancient world. Abundance of illustrations and photos of slabs, seals, inscriptions, statues, tablets, monuments, archeological sites, and maps. It covers, studies and explains all the facets and aspects of the Anunnaki, and the civilizations they created on Earth. In-depth articles on so many levels: historical, linguistic, etymological, epistemological, historical, philosophical, religious, geographical and mystical.< Less
THE WORLD GREATEST FEMALE SINGERS: Eastern Europe Best Singers and Entertainers. Vol.1 By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $29.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a publication with a black and white interior. The original edition is in full color (De luxe Edition on glossy paper, and is available at A glorious book with fabulous... More > photographs, biographies and vital information on the greatest singers and entertainers in Eastern Europe. It includes all the Pioneers, Divas, Icons, Mega Stars, Legends, and New Talents. This is the MOST IMPORTANT, COMPLETE and authoritative book ever written about the extraordinary talent and achievements of la crème de la crème of Eastern artists. It is a huge collection of 2 volumes, large format, 8.50” by 11”. Published by Times Square Press, New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas. Written by the international bestselling author Maximillien de Lafayette. On the cover: Vanna the stunning Croatian Diva.< Less
Hind Rostom: The World’s Greatest Actress (A Synopsis) By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $24.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
A synopsis of Hind Rostom’s cinema stardom and achievements. Lady Rostom is considered by millions to be two things: First Lady of the Egyptian Cinema, and the World Greatest Actress. There is... More > no question about it. Maximillien de Lafayette, a veteran Hollywood and cinema historian and author has followed the career of Lady Hind Rostom for almost 50 years, thus, he brings to the table enlightening and informative revelations on her filmography, her views of the world, her accomplishments, ascension of stardom, her genre, etc. The book contains hundreds upon hundreds of photos of this living legend. This is an essential book because it explains to the readers in the West, how a cinema legend is created in the Egyptian Cinema and the Middle/Near East world, why Hind Rostom is in fact the world’s greatest actress of all time. There is a very important analogy between her and the most famous Hollywood icons and legends.< Less
The World of Cabaret From 1730 to the Present Day: Superstars & New Talents. History, Pioneers, Chanteuses, Dancers, Legends, Divas, Musicians, Artists, America Best Entertainers. 3rd Edition By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $34.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Everything you wanted to know about Cabaret from day one to the present. Almost 280 years of events, shows, musicals, mega stars, new talents, the world's greatest divas, chanteuses, singers,... More > performers, entertainers. Stories about the private lives of legends never told before. Profiles and lists of America and the world best female and male singers. 750 rare, modern and vintage photos. The hidden world of the cabaret of Paris, Berlin, Hollywood and the dark alleys. A magnificent, fun and most informative volume on the glamour, mysteries, scandals, life, drama, failures and success in the world of cabaret.< Less

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