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The Black Pope By Chris Degenhardt
eBook (PDF): $5.99
THE BLACK POPE - Secrets of the Vatican PopeJohn Paul 11 is shot and cardinals begin to die at the hand of a Jesuitassassin. A lone Cardinal tries to uncover the truth and is horrifiedby what he... More > uncovers. 20years later Joab Rackham investigates the dark side of the ‘Society ofJesu’, the proof of which is written in the only liberated copy of theJesuit’s rule book. His friend disappears and Joab follows the trail toSpain. To save his friend’s life he has to find the Jesuit handbook.Amid the murders, theft and deception, Joab, scared and out of hisdepth, has to persist in his quest as his friend’s life is at stake.< Less
democracy the trial - the verdict By Chris Degenhardt
eBook (PDF): $6.49
Democracy on Trial is an attempt to show how our democratic systems have developed, in a lively and interesting courthouse drama format. It is both educational and entertaining and forms the basis... More > for an interesting play.< Less
ziggurat By Chris Degenhardt
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Joab Rackham investigates a secret society that claims the real reason for America's occupation of Iraq is to suppress powerful ancient knowledge that would, if it became known to the world, change... More > biblical history. The CIA track down the secret enclave by using a mole in their ranks. A race against time is on to see who uncovers the secret first. The ensuing exciting game of cat and mouse is set against a harsh desert backdrop of contemporary Iraq in which, following cryptic clues, the secret enclave travel to key archaeological sites in a quest that, if not successful, has grave implications for the whole world.< Less
Hall of Repetition By Chris Degenhardt
eBook (PDF): $5.00
female searcher on a journey of self discovery comes across an enigmatic spiritual teacher who shows her, in the timeless Hall of Repetition, what it means to human. She takes these lessons she has... More > learned on a higher astral plain and apply them to her confused, stressful everyday life.< Less

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