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The Heart's Highway By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
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However, Mistress Mary had some property in her own right, she being the daughter of a second wife, who had died possessed of a small plantation called Laurel Creek, which was a mile distant from... More > Drake Hill, farther inland, having no ship dock and employing this. Mistress Mary might have sent some of her own tobacco crop to England wherewith to purchase finery for herself. Still I wondered, and I wondered still more when Mistress Mary, albeit the Lord's Day, and the penalty for such labour being even for them of high degree not light, should propose, as she did, that the goods be then and there unladen.< Less
Giles Corey, Yeoman A Play By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
eBook (ePub): $3.00
You make a jest of me, Mistress Olive. Know you not when a man is of a sudden left alone with a fair maid, he needs to try his speech like a player his fiddle, to see if it be in good tune for her... More > ears; and what better way than to sound over and over again the praise of the fine weather? What ailed Ann that she seemed so strangely, Olive?< Less
The Yates Pride, a romance By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
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"To bring what up?" asked Abby, sharply. Her eyes looked as small and bright as needles. Julia regarded her with intense satisfaction. "What do women generally bring up?" said... More > she. "I don't know of anything they bring up, whether they have it or not, except a baby," retorted Abby, sharply. Julia wilted a little; but her sister, Mrs. Glynn, was not perturbed. She launched her thunderbolt of news at once, aware that the critical moment had come, when the quarry of suspicion had left the bushes.< Less
The Shoulders of Atlas A Novel By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Sidney Meeks had the dramatic instinct. He waited for the silence to gather to its utmost intensity before he spoke. "I had something to tell you when I came in," he said, "but I... More > thought I had better wait till after supper." He paused. There was another silence. Henry's and Sylvia's eyes seemed to wax luminous. Sidney Meeks spoke again. He was enjoying himself immensely. "What relation is Abrahama White to you?" he said. "She is second cousin to Sylvia. Her mother was Sylvia's mother's cousin," said Henry. "What of it?" "Nothing, except--" Meeks waited again. He wished to make a coup. He had an instinct for climaxes. "Abrahama had a shock this morning," he said, suddenly.< Less

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