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Aristocrat2 By Qjo Jotaro
eBook (PDF): $7.95
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Aristocrat 2 After villager kid stole bread from her mansion. Margaret is heading to commoner's town and tend to unleash her punishment to show those lowly commoners that no one can steal from her. ... More > If she can not find the criminal, she may crush the whole town. How will villagers react? Comic is 17 pages long in full color (except 1 page in b&w) This comic contains shrinking, boot crush, female domination.< Less
Crush You Hardcopy By Qjo Jotaro
eBook (PDF): $28.95
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A giantess girl traveled to the Planet Earth. During the tour, she crushed people (accidentally and unintentionally), buildings and vehicles etc. What is her purpose? The book contains boot crush and... More > vore. The paperback book is the combination of Crush you vol.1, 2 and 3. The book is 78 black&white pages long. Bonus feature includes the untold story of big sister dominating the small creatures on some planet. Knowing her, this episode is full of intensive crush scenes. Bonus is 8 pages long.< Less
Fruit of GTS By Qjo Jotaro
eBook (PDF): $8.95
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The thief cat, witty Nami is back! and she is bigger than before. She have eaten the devil's fruit of giantess which can grow her body. After enjoying the fruit power, Nami confronts with... More > Strawhat's crews and tests her new ability. On top of that, the Navy's most powerful battleships were sent to subdue the giantess, will they succeed? Or how long will they last? The color comic is 20 pages long, containing shoe crush, stomping, finger crush, vore and city destruction. Please enjoy this comic and do not redistribute it.< Less
Aristocrat 1 By Qjo Jotaro
eBook (PDF): $8.85
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In this fantasy world, there are three ranks in the society: Aristocrat, commoner and slave. Aristocrats are mostly female, they live in big luxurious mansion with nice area. They can do anything... More > to slaves or even kill them. They take any commoners to become slaves for personal serving, labor and entertaining. Some slaves are treated as Aristocrats' pets. In the commoner town, people are poor and starving. One day, the aristocrat girl, Margaret, is riding her horse in town for pleasure with hidden goal in mind. What will she do to those poor commoners and slaves? Her dominant attitude may shock you! The comic is 19 pages long (PDF format) with several pages in color. Comic contains boots crush, barefoot crush, insole, shrunken, whipping and female domination. Warning for strong violence. by Qjo Jotaro and Amian< Less