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Kill Your Cards: How to Fight the Credit Cards and Collection Agencies at Their Own Game By Tim Swike
Paperback: $14.95
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This is your chance to get out of credit card hell! This book covers everything you need to know to beat the debt collectors at their own game. If you can write a few letters, you can win! Did you... More > know, even if you end up getting sued by a creditor, your lawsuit will mainly involve paperwork? You can do that. In this book, you will find example court pleadings, motions, opposition to motions, affirmative defenses, interrogatories, admissions, validation letters, sworn denials, and much more. Learn all of the tricks of the trade that the sleezy collectors use to get at your money. And find out how to force the collectors into offering you a settlement for pennies on the dollar. Or better yet, ride out the statute of limitations and never pay a cent on an alleged debt. So start fighting the bill collectors today. Don't be another victim of the big banks! This book also comes with a bonus website that contains news and updates to help you on your journey to debt freedom.< Less
Sell it Now The Secret to Selling on Ebay Guide By Tim Swike
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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This advanced selling guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to make money selling on Ebay. For example, do you know how your own personal website can increase your Ebay sales? Do... More > you know how to calculate Ebay fees quickly? Do you know how to send email advertisements to 1000's of your customers? Do you know how to use the search engines to make your ebay store much more visable? Do you know why some people dislike Ebay, or even what their real competition is? Where should you advertise your ebay store? What should you charge for shipping? Where can you find out what Ebay is really up to? Where can you get shipping supplies for free? What are the top mistakes that all Ebay sellers make? All of this is covered, plus much, much more.< Less
Beginner Watchmaking: How to Build Your Very First Watch By Tim Swike
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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This B&W book will introduce you to the fascinating world of watch making. It is designed for the average person with zero knowledge of watch mechanics, building, or repair. This book will teach... More > you some of the basics on how a watch works. It will also show you where to buy the right watch parts, how to assemble them, and how to regulate the time. Don't buy another $1000 watch when you can build a similar one for $100. This book also comes with a full color PDF file ebook with updates for your computer or smart phone.< Less
eBook (PDF): $7.50
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IF YOU OWN A STRAT, THEN YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Learn step by step how to completely wire a Stratocaster and all of the potentiometers, capacitors, switches, ground wires, hot wires, pickups, output... More > jack, and bridge ground. Even if you dont own a Fender, this guide will teach you how to wire a guitar with 1, 2, or 3 pickups. There are a ton of modifications you can do to your guitar for dirt cheap. This book will also show you some secret "hot rod" techniques that the pros use like: coil tapping, coil cutting, phase switching, series wiring, parallel wiring, bridge-on switching, toggle switching, mini toggle switching, varitone switching, mega switching, super switching, rotary switching, treble boost/solo switching, blend pots, push pull pots, stacked concentric pots, and much more !!! Plus you will learn everything you've ever wanted to know about 4-wire humbuckers that can fit into your standard strat pickguard. Also includes audio files of the hot rod techniques.< Less

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