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The Teacher of Sparring By Edwin F. Shaw
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Little is known of Edwin Shaw, save what he writes of himself. That he was an “experienced” boxing instructor, studied under Professor J. B. Bailey, and taught professional at Hotel... More > Berkeley, Evans House, and “elsewhere in Boston” as well as at Harvard College. His book is somewhat transitional between London Prize Ring rules and amateur boxing rules, focusing on Boxing as a legitimate gentleman’s fitness sport. Interestingly, Shaw also decries professional “Prize Fighting” as ungentlemanly and condemns as, “low, savage, barbarous, and disgusting” engaged in by the “bully” and best being thoroughly discredited. Shaw’s manual contains a wealth of unusual information, documented in clear “cuts” illustrations, supposedly from photographs at great expense, and succinct instruction. This includes grapples, throws, and even the seldom heard of, and less often instructed “chopper.” Altogether, this manual represents a rare and important documentation of pugilistic evolution, sure to please.< Less