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Help! I Have a Crush! - How to Fall In Love Without Getting Hurt - For Women By Francisco Bujan
eBook (ePub): $19.00
Why do we say things like "Having a crush" or "Falling in love"? - Because they can be quite painful - The reason you might get hurt with dating and love life is because you fall... More > for someone who doesn't love you back to the same extent - Observe your past relationships or dating experiences - What are the situations that sent you off track? - They were the moments when you gave more than what you received - You loved a guy who did not return your love to the same extent - He might have expressed that by not returning calls, staying in touch with an ex or cheating on you - The goal of this book is to tackle this exact challenge - I give you strategies to protect yourself when you engage in your dating life - I show you exactly how to stay emotionally independent especially in the early stages of dating - I answer questions like "When to have sex", "What to do when you have a crush", "How to stay emotionally free", and much more!< Less
How to Ask Her Out Without Looking Like a Fool - For Men By Francisco Bujan
eBook (ePub): $19.00
Many guys feel challenged and speechless when trying to ask a girl out! - This short book gives you a solid approach to get a "Yes"! - Don't blow it! - Get this power kick BEFORE you take... More > the step - These very simple tactics will give you a new confidence edge and multiply your chances of success with her< Less
Sacred Sex - Energy Pathways to Absolute Bliss and Ecstasy By Francisco Bujan
eBook (ePub): $19.00
This book covers dozens of key techniques to practice sacred sex in your life - Sacred sex is a powerful way to use your sexual energy and connect with your lover - We live in a world in which sex is... More > often so taboo that the fears, guilts and anxieties related with the sexual act totally overshadow what sex can actually be - I spent a good 25 years of my life exploring this mystery and discovering wonders in my own body - I sometimes spent months in intense sacred sexual practices with or without a partner and what I unveiled blew me away - I experienced freeing energy explosions in my heart chakra, powerful energies in my third eye and crown area - In fact, I often entered bliss states that lasted for hours or even days - I am a pro life coach with 10 years of solid experience transmitting these techniques to couples and individuals within the safety of coaching sessions - I know now that sacred sex can be your path to incredible expansions of consciousness and unlimited bliss< Less
How to Be Happy By Francisco Bujan
eBook (ePub): $19.00
Happiness is VERY mysterious. It is one of these words that means a lot! However so many people feel puzzled by how to access it - In this book I give you dozens of strategies to multiply your level... More > of happiness and optimize your life - These strategies are the result of 10 years of coaching experience with my clients - I am a full time professional life coach and these life tactics are the nectar of what I discovered working one on one with people like you - I cover literally hundreds or life situations and give you the exact best strategy to deal with the exact challenge you might be facing right now - All my advice is super specific - No more vague and general hints - I make it clear and direct to help you get what you want from your existence.< Less

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