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Principles of Assembly Language Programming By David Krus
Hardcover: $70.00
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During the transition from the mainframe to the personal computers, the programmers faced several challenging tasks which, at that time, were not possible to solve within the context of higher-level... More > programming languages. Among them were that the input to a mainframe computer was not by using a CRT the monitor, by via a punched tape or a stack of punched cards. Another major problem was the formatting of output from compilers which could parse commands for control of line printers, but not for the control of laser printers. These tasks required the use of the assembly langue libraries, one of which, included in the Microsoft reference manual for its programming languages and used, among others, by programmers at NASA, U.S. Navy, and Armco Corporation, is described in this book.< Less
Elements of Statistics By David Krus
Hardcover: $60.00
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Concise statistical textbook including descriptive statistics, covariance, Pearson product moment coefficient of correlation, point biserial, correlation ratio, the phi and chi square coefficients,... More > regression analysis and coded regression analysis, description of the tests of statistical significance, analysis of variance, and theory of statistical sampling. The formal description of these methods is complemented by a step-by-step analysis of minute data matrices consisting of different arrangements of numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5. This book hopes to accomplish for students of statistics what Silvanus Thompson's book Calculus Made Easy, in print since 1910, accomplished for numerous generations of students. His book is prefaced as follows: The authors of textbooks on mathematics seldom take the trouble to show you how easy the calculations are. They seem to desire to impress you with their tremendous cleverness by going about it in the most difficult way. I present you with the know-how how it is really done.< Less
Structure of Statistics By David Krus
Hardcover: $65.00
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Advanced methods of analysis and interpretation of data are conceptualized by using paradigm defining statistics as a modern successor of epistemology. It introduces a new method of addition and... More > subtraction of matrices, which is indispensable for computing matrices adjacent to ordered graphs, construction of dendrograms of their hierarchical structures, and 3-dimensional rendering of probability distributions. Discussion revolves around concise descriptions of multiple regression, analysis of variance, principal components analysis, factor analysis, canonical analysis, and multivariate analysis of variance. The formal description of these methods is complemented by a step-by-step analysis of minute matrices, consisting of different arrangements of numbers 1 2 3 4 5. The description of methods of statistical analysis and theory underlying their applications is presented as to minimize anxiety and maximize interest in quantitative scientific investigations.< Less
The Long Waves of Time By David Krus
Hardcover: $50.00
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This book is based on a series of the author’s studies. The impetus for its writing happened when analyzing Quincy Wright’s (1965) data on frequency of warfare, we noticed a cycle... More > superimposed on the cycle of wars with periodicity of about 200 years. Several researchers during their analysis of the Quincy Wright’s data also observed this ‘long wave’ cycle, identified by Denton and Phillips in Some Patterns in the History of Violence (1968) as likely caused by an action-reaction process in political philosophy, taken in the broad sense to include the general attitude of the elites toward the ‘correct’ society, a cycle of profound changes, heralding a new epoch.< Less

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