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Fundamentals of Housing & Community Strategies By Sylvia Black
Paperback: $14.99
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This book talks about Tenants Rights, suing in housing court, how welfare helps working adults, what to do if you’ve lost your landlord; reasons for forming a tenants association, guidelines to... More > an effective rent strike; how can you be appointed as a 7A Administrator and take over the management of your own building, remove the landlord from active management, bring the building back up code compliance with the help of the city and have tenants purchase their own building as a tenant-owned, low income co-op. This book includes sample court orders and sample petitions. This book also talks about how the city becomes involved when tenants are facing court and dealing with violations; and how to apply for a grant to form a non profit organization; financing and energy improvements; and much, much more!< Less
That's Odd - A Romantic Comedy Play By Sylvia Black
Paperback: $12.99
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This is a hilarious comedy, drama about a young couple that gets married with the full support of their family behind them. They raise a family and he's a construction worker and she's a homamaker.... More > They have so much fun when they first met and then as the years go by the luster seems to fade until he gets his on the head, purely by accident, at work and he wakes up a gay man, married with children. He's now the fun loving guy that he once was, but what happens when he wakes up and finds out that he has lived his life as a gay man? Read the book and find out.< Less
Home Buyers Resource Guide to Grants In NYS By Sylvia Black
Paperback: $17.99
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This is a resource guide for first time home buyers in the state of New York who want to purchase their first one and want low interest rate loans and grants that will help them purchase their new... More > home and significant reduced cost with the help of state, city, federal, and local municipalities grants and assistance to purchase and to help you maintain your home, thereby keeping it out of foreclosure. These monies are not advertised openly in the newspapers. But they are there. Get your copy today!< Less
Home Buyer's Resource Guide To Grants Outside NYS By Sylvia Black
Paperback: $17.97
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This book is a compiliation of information from state, city,m federal, and local jurisdictions that offer down payment and closing cost assistance as well as subsidy grants which lower the cost of... More > the home, and low interest rate loans and grants with income maximums. Also this book lists where there is home ownership opportunities for individuals or families that receive Section 8 Vouchers and so much more!< Less